I do a lot of chatting on this blog and I think it’s time I took a cue from some of my favorite ladies (Mackenzie, Sarah, and Jennifer) and let you do some of the talking.I have a feeling you’re all as fabulous as the ladies above and I’d love nothing more than to get to know you better!

So here’s the plan, I’ve answered a few questions below and hope that you’ll write your own responses in the comments section.


Current location: Washington, DC
Day job/dream job: event planner/boutique owner
My style described: classic but colorful
A great book I recently read: By Invitation Only: How We Built Gilt and Changed the Way Millions Shop
Guilty pleasure: Instagram– my favorite form of social media by far! (@thepursuitofstyle)
I’m saving up for: a gorgeous handbag- I dream about the Pashli!
My most treasured item is: a vintage pearl ring gifted to me by my parents


Current location:
Day job/dream job:
My style described:
A great book I recently read:
Guilty pleasure:
I’m saving up for:
My most treasured item is:

Can’t wait to read them!

52 thoughts on “LET’S CHAT

  1. I love this! How fun.
    Current location:Dallas, TX
    Day job/dream job:mommy+non-profit director/designer
    My style described: classic with a touch of trendy
    A great book I recently read: Jane Eyre ( hadn’t read it since I was 13 and enjoyed it so much more this time around).
    Guilty pleasure: reading gossip magazines when I go to the hair salon. I never buy them but will totally get caught up when I get my hair colored.
    I’m saving up for: more artwork (always!)
    My most treasured item is: a portrait my parents had made of me when I was five.

  2. Current location: Alexandria, VA

    Day job/dream job: writer/editor // owner of a boutique B&B or inn

    My style described: classic

    A great book I recently read: I recently read The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout, which was fascinating. I’m currently reading At Home: A Short History of Private Life by Bill Bryson, which is fascinating AND hilarious.

    Guilty pleasure: ice cream, almost every single night

    I’m saving up for: trips–one definite trip to Disney World for the Wine and Dine 1/2 marathon (anyone else doing it??) and one potential trip to meet up with my friend/pen pal who’s currently stationed in Yemen (though we’d be meeting up elsewhere, for obvious reasons!)

    My most treasured item is: I’m not very sentimental about stuff, but I’d be crushed if I ever lost my mom’s old charm bracelet with charms from all of her travels and milestone events with my dad.

  3. Current location: Austin, TX
    Day job/dream job: Public relations/marine biologist by day and closet stylist by night ; )
    My style described: A little bohemian, a little classic, a little fashion forward – Obviously a mixture
    A great book I recently read: Tina Fey’s “Bossy Pants” – left me in stitches!!! So hilarious!
    Guilty pleasure: Watching Real Housewives, doesn’t matter which city
    I’m saving up for: a fabulous pair of leather pants
    My most treasured item: Rolex watch that was my grandmothers/my baby blanket

  4. I love this! We’re both currently in the same city 🙂
    Current location: Washington, DC
    Day job/dream job: Currently a student, Attorney practicing Intellectual Property, hopefully for the Walt Disney Company
    My style described: Classic & Preppy with a ton of glitter
    A great book I recently read: Honestly, I haven’t read a book in so long! Whoops…
    Guilty pleasure: Chocolate…can’t stop, won’t stop.
    I’m saving up for: A plane ticket to Edinburgh for spring break!
    My most treasured item is: a stuffed polar bear I’ve had since I was little and my Burberry jacket

  5. So cute!
    Current location: Manhattan, New York
    Day job/dream job: Licensing Manager for Vera Wang by day/Novelist by night.
    My style described: 1990s Minimal crossed with 1950s feminine.
    A great book I recently read: Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell.
    Guilty pleasure: McDonald’s French Fries.
    I’m saving up for: A Rolex Air King.
    My most treasured item is: My Mom’s wedding band.

  6. OMG! Like the old days on myspace when you would fill out a 200 item quiz! haha! So fun!

    Current location: Atlanta, GA
    Day job/dream job: HR Director (blek)/Clothing Designer (currently working on that via etsy, http://www.etsy.com/shop/elizacatesc)
    My style described: Eclectic Classic
    A great book I recently read: Wouldn’t call it “great” but I am reading the Shades books.
    Guilty pleasure: Pumpkin Spice Lattes at SBX
    I’m saving up for: Hahaha! Saving???
    My most treasured item is: My dog. Yes, she is the first thing I would grab in a fire! 🙂

  7. Current city: Washington, DC
    Day Job/Dream Job: Currently in government relations at a trade association. I have several dream jobs: The White House, a senior Senate office (I’m a dork, I know), a diplomat, a decorator who gets to visit thrift shops all day long and as head of the Humane Society and/or a doggy day care!
    My Style Described: Boho Preppy
    A great book I’ve recently read: I am a newspaper/magazine reader…I like books but they take too long!
    Guilty Pleasure: Does combing craig’s list and spending an hour a day on design blogs count?
    My most treasured item is: a pearl ring that my dad gave my mom when they were in high school.

  8. Current location: New York City
    Day job/dream job: Marketing/Promotions Coordinator at a luxury lifestyle magazine / to own my own boutique down south
    My style described: classic and feminine with a bit of edge – hence my blog
    A great book I recently read: “What Alice Forgot” by Liane Moriarty. I laughed, I cried…
    Guilty pleasure: Instagramming (I, too, can’t stop!), and NERDS candies… any sort of junk food, really!
    I’m saving up for: a trip to Europe – my biggest regret was never studying abroad in college.
    My most treasured item is: my golden retriever, Riley. She’s the best and never fails to make me smile 🙂

  9. Here goes:
    I live in DelWebb’s, Sun City Peachtree, south of Atlanta
    I am a retired New Home Realtor
    My style is what I call Classic Transitional
    My Treasured item/s are all the art pieces my Granddaughter, Erica has done for me.

  10. Current location: great state of texas
    Day job/dream job: domestic goddess {&SAHM}/chemist at a top notch skin care company {my own}
    My style described: comfortably chic (I hope anyway)
    A great book I recently read: besides parenting books…”Coming Home” by Historical Concepts
    Guilty pleasure: too many to name but definitely design blogs & pinterest
    I’m saving up for: besides three college funds, a second home closer to my roots
    My most treasured item is: our babies and a huge box of photos not saved electronically yet

  11. Current location: Norwalk, CT
    Day job/dream job: for me, those are the same! i’m a fundraiser for the wildlife conservation society (in the bronx zoo!)
    My style described: clean, classic, with a hint of artsy
    A great book I recently read: seating arrangements
    Guilty pleasure: 30 rock marathons with popcorn and wine
    I’m saving up for: a new couch!
    My most treasured item is: my collection of jewelry handed down from my grandmother – she had fabulous taste!

  12. So fun! How old school…

    Current location: Belmont, Massachusetts
    Day job/dream job: Mommy & community volunteer/celebrated painter
    My style described: Classic with a touch of pizzazz
    A great book I recently read: Gone Girl (It was completely engrossing)
    Guilty pleasure: A glass of wine at night while perusing Pinterest (or watching recorded episodes on TiVo)
    I’m saving up for: My daughters’ college (long-term); a family trip to Paris (short-term)
    My most treasured item is: My Tiffany & Co. engagement ring

    • Nancy – a Tiffany & Co. engagement ring made my list as well. It’s so amazing and it just can’t compare to any other ring I’ve ever seen!

  13. Current location: Montana!
    Day job/dream job: Interior designer
    Guilty pleasure:ice cream, blogs and pinterest
    I’m saving up for: a new kitchen!
    My most treasured item is: family photos and an oil portrait of my late grandmother

  14. Current location: Quakertown, PA
    Day job/dream job: Event Planner/PR Rep
    My style described: Casual classic with a scarf
    A great book I recently read: I’m currently reading “The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl” by Karen Burns. She takes you through all the jobs she’s worked (59) and tells you what she’s learned.
    Guilty pleasure: I have many. Mainly candy and The Bachelorette/The Bachelor
    I’m saving up for: A private island destination wedding at Couples Tower Isle next October.
    My most treasured item is: I have a little pouch made of my paternal grandmothers wedding dress that holds her nursing pin and my grandfather’s mason tie tack, aside from that I’d say my engagement ring!

    • Oh, I totally forgot that Pinterest is probably my guiltiest of pleasures as of yet. Thanks for reminding me Katie! I can’t go home at night without pinning something.

  15. Current location: Indianapolis,IN

    Day job/dream job: Resident Director at a University/ Dream job would be the editor and chief of Essence magazine but if I can’t do that I love to be an interior designer/stylist !!

    My style described: BOLD PRINTS, I can’t get enough of them!

    A great book I recently read: Welp, I’m currently reading the Happiness Project and so far so good !!

    Guilty pleasure:A good piece of strawberry cheesecake!! 🙂

    I’m saving up for:A 55 inch tv and a classic coach purse !!

    My most treasured item is: My macbook!! Prolly the second most expensive then I own besides my car!!

    Thanks for posting this, it was super cute !!

  16. Current location: Phoenix Arizona
    Dream job: Doing it. I own 3 BMW repair shops with my husband. Also mom of 4
    My style described: Eclectic. Love everything. Aside from polygamous wife I believe I can pull off most looks
    A great book: A Northern Light. I read all of the books my teens read. This was a good one
    Guilty Pleasure: eyelash extensions, pinterest, floating in the pool on a work day
    I’m saving up for: retirement – hot damn it is expensive to retire and I Obsess over it
    My most treasured item: iPad, dyson vacuum, my handbag collection

    • Jennifer, I just wanted to say that I think it’s really cool that you read the books your teens read! I used to teach high school English, and I wish all parents did read the books their kids read. There’s so much fodder for discussion, but I think it’s a missed opportunity in most homes, unfortunately.

      I haven’t read A Northern Light, but I was reading a lot of YA lit while I was teaching, and I highly recommend anything my John Green or Markus Zusak. 🙂

      • Catherine, I LOVE reading rec’s thank you!!! I also so enjoy having discussions with them about the books they are reading.

        Eyelash extensions are amazing. The problem is I just read Jamiee Rose’s blog and may have to rethink my approach. ahhhh.

  17. Current location: Arlington, VA
    Day job/dream job: attorney/painted antler maven
    My style described: colorful, ecletic, antique
    A great book I recently read: Gone Girl
    Guilty pleasure: reading blogs & watching gossip girl
    I’m saving up for: college tuition for my 3 kids
    My most treasured item is: the five oriental rugs my husband & picked out in SC (oops that’s more than one)

  18. Current location: Washington, DC
    Day Job: at a consulting firm / Dream Job: Running a no-kill animal shelter
    My style described: 85 percent J.Crew Classic / 15 percent trendy ridiculousness
    A great book I recently read: Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter – made me miss Italy
    Guilty Pleasure: nail polish, makeup in general, ice cream and Project Runway
    I’m saving up for: Our next trip to Europe
    My most treasured item: my cats and the painting my husband bought me.

  19. Current location: Seattle, WA
    Day job/dream job: Awards Specalist at global health ngo/Novelist
    My style described: Casual but refined
    A great book I recently read: To Kill a Mockingbird
    Guilty pleasure: Pinterest…and Honey Boo Boo
    I’m saving up for: A trip to Antarctica
    My most treasured item is: My father’s and grandfather’s class rings

  20. Love this! (although you might be surprised…)

    Current location: Hagerstown, Maryland
    Day job/dream job: Finance Manager / OK; Would LOVE to learn from Lisa Williams or Theresa Caputo (long island medium) because it happens to me daily. Yes, I see dead people and hear them. Please don’t be creeped out!
    My style described: Shabby Chic English Rustic Cottage
    A great book I recently read: Tried a new genre of YA and loved Wither and Fever by Lauren Destefano
    Guilty pleasure: Bed w/ macbook pro and coffee right beside me & watercolors
    I’m saving up for: Trip to Scotland
    My most treasured item is: My son, Jake (who btw is the spitting image of Jake Gyllenhaal-see my blog!)

  21. This is fun!So here goes:

    Current location: Athens/Greece

    Day job/dream job: Client Services&Finance/fashion designer and stylist

    My style described: Preppy/classic withe a little glamour

    A great book I recently read: American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld

    Guilty pleasure: Some reality TV and reading blogs

    I’m saving up for: For a trip to New York

    My most treasured item is: My mum’s vintage Hermes Birkin and my dad’s toy bunny, which he has had since he was two.

  22. Current location: Portland, Maine

    Day job/dream job: Photographer/Photographer!

    My style described: Tomboy

    A great book I recently read: I laughed out loud all the way through Mindy Kaling’s book, and I absolutely adored Mark Doty’s Dog Years.

    Guilty pleasure: Ice cream!

    I’m saving up for: travel – I’m always panning our next trip!

    My most treasured item is: the home I share with my boyfriend and our black lab. It brings such happiness to my life.

  23. Current location: Dallas, Texas

    Day job/dream job: Outreach Director Member of Congress, Deputy Asst Sec of State

    My style described: Classic elegance with a twist of glamour. Think Bianca Jagger.

    A great book I recently read: Parisian Chic, Ines De le Fressange

    Guilty pleasure: Mint chocolate chip Ice Cream and Bad Girls Club

    I’m saving up for: travel – rainy day

    My most treasured item is: Locket from my grandmother.

  24. Fun!

    Current location: Little Rock, AR
    Day job/dream job: Editor, At Home in Arkansas magazine/Editor, At Home in Arkansas 🙂
    My style described: casual neo-traditional
    A great book I recently read: Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn
    Guilty pleasure: young adult books, Coca-Cola, coconut M&Ms
    I’m saving up for: A super fab new couch
    My most treasured item is: My cocker spaniel, Lula!

  25. What a great post, fun fun fun!:

    Current Location: Palm Springs, CA

    Day Job/Dream Job: Librarian/Librarian (I Love my job) But I wouldn’t mind being a writer for National Geographic Traveler either!

    My Style Described: Classic with a touch of masculine.

    A Great Book I recently read: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt! I just loved it!!!

    Guilty Pleasure: cheesy shows like hot in cleveland, nail polish and places like anthropologie and kate spade.

    I’m saving up for: a trip to Atlanta/Savannah, Georgia. I just recently went to North Carolina and Louisiana (the extent of my travels to the south) and I absolutely loved the southern culture and food. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Atlanta and Savannah, I can’t wait to go!!!

    My most treasured item is: this amazing tea cart that belonged to my grandmother (my mother’s mother). I use it as decoration piece in my hallway and my grandfather’s (my father’s father) typewriter from med-school! Something meaningful from both sides of my family!

    • You have to be sure you visit Atlanta!!!! It’s a wonderful place (I guess I have to say that since I live here)! It’s such a melting pot of sooo many cultures.
      If you are looking for true southern though, be sure you visit Charleston, SC. Your heart will melt over how much you love it!

  26. Current location: Annapolis, MD
    Day job/dream job:Project Admin/Interior Design
    My style described: Classic
    A great book I recently read:Optimist’s Goodmorning/Optimist’s Goodnight
    Guilty pleasure: Decorating/Fashion/Food Blogs
    I’m saving up for: Clothes – Love new items
    My most treasured item is: peridot ring given to me by my aunt and a cameo given to me by my grandmother on my wedding day.

    Can’t wait to read them!

  27. BTW: this is a super cute idea! Esp the book part, I love a good read!
    Current location: Cincinnati, OH
    Day job/dream job: Mama, Blogger, Freelance Designer / Mama, Magazine Writer, Designer with a store front.
    My style described: Classic-Boho mix
    A great book I recently read: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society: A Novel
    Guilty pleasure: Downton Abbey – I can’t get enough of the fancy English society!!
    I’m saving up for: A trip out west – I’ve been all over the world, yet never further west than Chicago in the states. Sad I know…I’ll fix it…promise!
    My most treasured item is: Gold bracelets from my Grandmother, I alway feel fancier when I wear them 😉

  28. Current location: Montreal, Canada
    Day job/dream job: Social Media Manager, Interior Stylist / E-Commerce Business Owner, Interior Designer
    My style described: Edgy Classic or Neo Traditional
    A great book I recently read: Currently reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
    Guilty pleasure: Mad Men and wine. And these days R’n’B (really out of character for me)
    I’m saving up for: A house.
    My most treasured item is: My grandma’s antique buffet.

  29. Current location: cincinnati, ohio
    Day job/dream job: program manager for a small non-profit/
    My style described: bright and beautiful
    A great book I recently read: “dinner: a love story” by jenny rosenstrach.. chronicles one family and their food over a decade
    Guilty pleasure: currently: hot lattes, wedding magazines, and naps
    I’m saving up for: a permanent house!
    My most treasured item is: my emerald and diamond engagement ring

  30. Current Location: San Jose, California
    Day job/dream job: Third grade teacher/lifestyle blogger
    My style: Crisp classics with sensible shoes. Ugh!
    A great book I recently read: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. It’s a fascinating read.
    Guilty pleasure: Ice cream and blogs
    I’m saving up for: my retirement and a new laptop
    My most treasured item is: Actually, it’s plural – all of my family photos. The older I’ve gotten, the more precious they are to me.
    Something you didn’t ask – Why do I read your blog? I’m not your typical demographic. I’m much older than most of the other women commenting. I enjoy reading about fashion and style. I believe that great style is ageless. And being open to what is going on in the world and learning about people keeps one young and is one of the great joys of life.

  31. Current location: Washington, DC
    Day job/dream job: Attorney / tax policy @ Treasury
    My style described: J.Crew (but w/o the crazy “new J.Crew” elements), classic, a bit preppy, stripe-obsessed
    A great book I recently read: Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand
    Guilty pleasure: Sweets
    I’m saving up for: (I’m supposed to save?)
    My most treasured item is: iPhone

  32. SO fun!
    Current location: Virginia
    Day job/dream job: High School Senior // Ambassador to India
    My style described: Preppy, with a Southern Twang
    A great book I recently read: The Lovely Bones
    Guilty pleasure: Chocolate
    I’m saving up for: A Barbour and a Black Tahoe
    My most treasured item is: My grandmother’s pearls!

  33. So Cool!!
    Current location: Australia
    Dream Job: Fashion designer, stylist and event planner!!!
    My Style described: Bright, Bubbly, fun and out there!!!!
    A Great Book I recently read: A bend in the road by Nicholas Sparks
    Guilty pleasure: collecting fashion Magazines
    I’m saving up for: A gap Year in the Upper East Side of Manhattan New York!!!!!
    My Most treasured item is: My photos!!!

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