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These evil eye bracelets from L-Atitude have taken my weakness for statement jewelry to a whole new level. Both elegant and exotic, I imagine you would get stopped often when wearing one of these. If you haven’t been introduced to L-Atitude, it’s one of my go-to’s for a well curated selection of goods from around the globe.

I’m not doing nearly as much (read: none) globe-trotting as I’d like to, so shopping their site is as close to a bazaar as I’m going to get. Regardless, I’d gladly take home one these bracelets as a souvenir. The combination of silk ribbon, turquoise, and pearls is stunning!

Now for a tough question: which color would you choose?


But these fireplaces are so delightful! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

I’m feeling very lucky that our tiny apartment has a fireplace. Having one just makes bad weather all the more bearable (especially when paired with comfy clothes and a good book.) Our fireplace is definitely not as chic as the mantels above, but as renters we don’t have much choice in the matter. If I had my way, I’d install a salvaged mantel and top it with all sorts of treasures.

How would you decorate yours?

P.S I hope you’re all safe, warm, and with electricity!



My mom was visiting this weekend (until that blowhard Sandy cut her trip short) so naturally we did some shopping. Here’s what ended up in my bag:

1. I couldn’t resist the herd of llamas on this Madewell scarf. I was also tempted to snag the matching iphone case but decided against it at the risk of being labeled a crazy llama lady.

2. My favorite purchase of the day was this Urban Outfitters reversible cardigan. Super comfy, great tribal print, and did I mention it’s reversible? Flip sides and no one will notice you’ve been wearing it all weekend!

3. Are you like me and unable to bypass he goodies stores tempt you with at the checkout counter? This lilac nail polish is proof that I’m weak.

4. My body wash was in major need of an upgrade and after sniffing Fresh Brown Sugar’s I may never buy another brand!

5. I constantly try and convince myself I can wear lipstick, but the truth is I usually feel (and look) like a clown. I was excited to find that Sephora’s Rouge Shine wears more like a gloss. I picked up a tube in Love Poems which is the prettiest shade of coral.

6. My animal attraction continued with this zebra print blouse from Zara. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until after the rain passes to wear it. Similar to the aforementioned llama issue, a zebra blouse and zebra Scalamandre umbrella might just be too much!

P.S to everyone in Sandy’s path, stay safe!


Two years ago, Carine Roitfeld threw a masquerade ball to celebrate French Vogue’s 90th anniversary and Anna Dello Russo stole the show in a custom made Pucci dress and Gareth Pugh headdress. The gorgeous photos above were shot by Tommy Ton as Anna dressed for the evening in her suite at the Ritz.

This is the type of party I’d like to attend on Halloween. An elegant affair that requires a couture costume. I’d opt for a less cumbersome mask, but only because I’m confident I’d take down other guests with my clumsiness!

Are you dressing up this year? As someone with an incredibly lame track record for costumes, I’d love to know what you’re masquerading as!



Overlapping Stripes Scarf | Pink Silk Scarf | Onyx Oblique Scarf

One of the reasons I first started this blog was to have a place to share all of the things I stumbled across and just couldn’t stop thinking about. Pinterest has made that a whole lot easier–just one click and it’s added to one of my boards–but some things deserve a little more time in the sun.

First up, Kelly Wearstler’s patterned scarves. You probably already know Kelly for her awe inspiring interiors (if not, I recommend her books Hue and Modern Glamour) and may even know that she’s expanded into fashion and home accessories. But have you seen her line of scarves for fall? Simply stated, I’m obsessed. Especially with that cream and black number that looks like it was painted with brushstrokes. Did I mention its cashmere? Heaven!

So there you have it, the latest object of my affection. I hope to share more “Discoveries” with you each week.