Overlapping Stripes Scarf | Pink Silk Scarf | Onyx Oblique Scarf

One of the reasons I first started this blog was to have a place to share all of the things I stumbled across and just couldn’t stop thinking about. Pinterest has made that a whole lot easier–just one click and it’s added to one of my boards–but some things deserve a little more time in the sun.

First up, Kelly Wearstler’s patterned scarves. You probably already know Kelly for her awe inspiring interiors (if not, I recommend her books Hue and Modern Glamour) and may even know that she’s expanded into fashion and home accessories. But have you seen her line of scarves for fall? Simply stated, I’m obsessed. Especially with that cream and black number that looks like it was painted with brushstrokes. Did I mention its cashmere? Heaven!

So there you have it, the latest object of my affection. I hope to share more “Discoveries” with you each week.


  1. You’re absolutely right – the black and white one is fantastic. I just stumbled across these this week, and especially loved her jewelry as well. She has a very definite point of view that comes across in all of her designs. I wish she’d go on Million Dollar Decorators – I think she’d steal the show 🙂

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