Patagonia Classic Retro X Jacket | Annie Griffin Kirin Blouse | Retro Super Future Sunglasses (similar)

Exciting life update: thanks to an early Christmas gift, I am now the proud (if not slightly obsessed) owner of a Canon Rebel T3i! I could hardly wait for the battery to charge before we took off to The National Arboretum to get a bit snap happy.

The Arboretum is just a quick drive from our apartment, but I honestly hadn’t given it a second thought until I stumbled across these incredible photos on Alina’s hilarious blog. Who knew this marvel of Corinthian columns existed in northeast DC?

Another favorite was the oxidized atlas I found in a courtyard that could have been straight from a scene in The Secret Garden. It was covered with zodiac symbols (love) and I thought it looked pretty great next to my emerald Annie Griffin blouse.

P.S Thanks for indulging me in a little amateur photography. I’ve already signed up for a class and am eager to improve my skills!


  1. these are fab!!! You will love taking photos! I got my new camera last Christmas and enjoy all these special outings so much more because I pay more attention to all the details as I look at them though the lens. The only downside? I’m never in any photos!!

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