Last week when I asked for feedback, many of you requested more personal posts and glimpses into my life. I’m flattered you’re interested and am happy to deliver! What better excuse to break out my new DSLR, right? I thought I’d call the column ‘Bits & Pieces’ and share exactly that: scenes from my home, life in DC, latest finds, etc.

I actually thought of the name for the column while looking at my nightstand which has become quite the collection of bits and pieces. My desk sits in front of a window with no place to hang a cork board so I’ve taken to tucking things I like into a vintage bamboo mirror above my nightstand. Currently inspiration includes: a grapefruit painting (note to self: get this framed!), Matisse post card, paint swatches, Tory Cowles pamphlet, and Rifle Paper card.

The nightstand itself has become yet another surface to stack my design books. This particular stack is topped with a silhouette of me as a child. A blue and white dish corrals the jewelry I unceremoniously dump there every night and Hermes boxes are just too pretty not to be displayed.

I hope you enjoyed a peek at some of the ‘Bits & Pieces’ in my home and would love to know if you’d like this to become a more regular feature!

22 thoughts on “BITS & PIECES

  1. Bits & Pieces will be great addition to your content! i have that same mirror in my teeny tiny “entryway”. i love the idea of adding some personal touches to it.

  2. Candles will last a lot longer if you allow them to burn all the way to the edges the first time you light them. The candle in your picture shows what happens when it is burnt for too short a period, they get a core going and the candle will not burn beyond that point. You end up with a burnt out wick and candle wax wasted on the sides of the container.

  3. @Jane is so correct about candles!

    Personally I love the real pics more than the mag pics – it is funny how side tables are actually more interesting than inside closets half the time. Love your side table story

  4. Always nice to have a peek into another bloggers life and I have to say yours is incredibly organised. Loving all the pictures especially the pictures around the bamboo mirror. Lovely 😀

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