The Pursuit of Style | Lotus Chandelier | Sara Gilbane

The Pursuit of Style | Lotus Chandelier

The Pursuit of Style | Lotus Lamp | BHG

The Pursuit of Style | Lotus Chandelier

The Pursuit of Style | Lotus Lighting

Clockwise from left:
Three Etched Brass Lotus Chandelier | Lotus Flower Table Lamp BaseBrass Lotus Blossom Chandelier | Lotus Pendant Lights | Brass Lotus Hanging Fixture

Do you remember–I’m going to need you to dig way back to a high school lit class herewhen Odysseus stumbles upon the land of the lotus eaters in The Odyssey? If you’re a little foggy, basically the people that lived there got Odysseus’ men hooked on their psychedelic lotus plants and they never wanted to leave.

I happen to think that hanging a lotus chandelier, or adding a lotus base lamp in your home might have the same effect. At one point Jamie Drake offered a pendant (which Sara Gilbane hung in a trio in the dining room above), but sadly it has been discontinued. 1st Dibs has quite a few vintage stunners but that wow factor is going to cost you a pretty penny.

If you love the look, Pottery Barn (unexpectedly) offers a great option. I’d nix the shade for something with a little more pizazz. Hot pink or glossy black maybe? What do you think, would you eat the lotus?

15 thoughts on “LAND OF THE LOTUS EATERS

  1. Love these lamps! I have the table top in my living room, and I used one for a client’s dining room chandelier a couple of years ago. The gilded brass finish is classic too!

  2. Been following you on instagram too… good stuff! Anyways, this past weekend, I bought a lotus mercury glass tea light holder at Salt & Sundry. loooove it!

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