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Happy New Year! Did you wake up feeling inspired with the promise of a fresh start, or were you reaching for a Smart Water and an  Advil (or maybe it was a combination of both)? I’m genuinely excited at the prospect of 2013 and while we’re all recovering I thought I’d start things off with a Let’s Chat post to hear from you.

You know the deal, I’ve answered a few questions below and would love to read your responses in the comments section!

Favorite moment(s) of 2012: our summer vacation to the Cape/Maine, being asked to be a bridesmaid in one of my college best friend’s wedding
Design/Fashion trend I’d like to see go: chevrons and anything mustache themed
Design/Fashion trend I’d like to see stay: wallpaper and gold accessories
Goal(s) for 2013: Oh, about a million! But I think Elsie de Wolfe said it best: “I’m going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life.” I have that quote framed and plan to make it my motto for 2013.

Favorite moment of 2012:
Design/Fashion trend I’d like to see go:
Design/Fashion trend I’d like to see stay:
Goal(s) for 2013:

*A favor: I’d also love to know what you’d like to see more (or less) of on The Pursuit of Style for 2013. What do you like, what could you do without? Less fashion, more interiors? More DIYs or perhaps a guest series? You name it, I’ll do my best to incorporate it because I’d love nothing more than to make this blog a place you look forward to visiting in 2013.

21 thoughts on “LET’S CHAT

  1. Darling. I could not agree more. I HATE chevron. Also want to see those “keep calm” variation signs to go. Cannot stand it! I am all about the bold this year. Wallpaper galore, mixing of patterns. Happy new year and here is to all of the new projects we have in store! xoxo

  2. Happy New Year, gorgeous girl!! Ok…
    Favorite moment of 2012: Seeing it go?! Is that cynical?? I’m serious, though, I’m so happy to welcome this new year!
    Design/Fashion trend I’d like to see go: Crazy nail art (you know, animals drawn in polish) lol
    Design/Fashion trend I’d like to see stay: Pattern mixing and bold colors.
    Goal(s) for 2013: Live in the moment. I say this every year, but I truly want to embrace the beautiful everyday moments.

    I just shared a similar post this morning wanting to know what my readers want (or don’t want) to see more of. I would love to see more of your personal style – both fashion and home! xx, Julie

  3. Favorite moment of 2012: my 30th birthday.
    Design/Fashion trend I’d like to see go: coral/bright red lips, chevron, sheer blouses, colored denim.
    Design/Fashion trend I’d like to see stay: peplum, print mixing, big jewelry, gold.
    Goal(s) for 2013: Tackle more DIYs, cook more, eat cleaner, booze less, paint more.

  4. Favorite Moment 2012: Don’t have one!
    Trend to go: Hmmm…Chevron needs to go, for sure. Also, word signs in rooms. Like “Eat”, “Drink”, etc. I mean, I know what to do in a kitchen, you don’t have to tell me. Also, I think I’m in the minority but I really can’t stand neon!
    Trend to stay: Gold, aged brass, gray (I still love you, gray)
    Goals for 2013: Achieving some professional certifications I’m currently working toward in my career, backing off the wine, finishing the last 2 big projects in my home (bonus room built-ins and a new kitchen backsplash)

    I’m a new follower so I have zero suggestions for your blog! Happy 2013!

  5. Favorite moment of 2012: 2012 was a rough year for me, but I did start running consistently again, joined a running club on January 3rd, met one of my now best friends that day, and I have gained a lot of confidence about and through running, so that’s the non-moment thing that I’m happiest about.

    Design/Fashion trend I’d like to see go: Ombre hair, peplum, dresses/shirts that don’t fit at your natural waist, platform heels, Keep Calm-esque posters

    Design/Fashion trend I’d like to see stay: Deep rich colors, eclecticism, wallpaper, brass/gold fixtures, feminine lines

    Goal(s) for 2013: A commitment to self-love, volunteering and no hangovers!

    A favor: You have impeccable taste, and I do enjoy seeing your finds, but my favorite posts feel less promotional and more personal, like when you revealed your hallway or the pieces you bought on vacation. Happy New Year!

    • Good for you, I think running has been on my resolutions list for at least the past 3 years.. whoops! Really appreciate your feedback. Hoping to share more personal posts for sure in 2013!

  6. Favourite moment of 2012: So hard to pick just one, but I’d probably say vacationing in Europe, seeing the hidden treasures of the landscape.
    Design/fashion trend I’d like to see go: Can’t say I hated any, but I’m not that big a fan of peplum…
    Design/fashion trend I’d like to see stay: jacquard prints and heavily beaded pieces.
    Goals for 2013: Clean out my fridge and eat healthy, and continue reading at least one book every month.

  7. Happiest of New Years! You have had an incredible year and thank you for keeping us inspired in the blogosphere. I hope you have many blessings in 2013. Toodles, Clare

  8. Happy Happy New Year! I absolutely love your blog! It makes me feel so warm and cozy and INSPIRED! Here are mine:
    Favorite moment of 2012: Swimming in a lake and fruit picking just outside of Rome, Italy this past summer.
    Design/Fashion trend I’d like to see go:I second the Mustache, and studded clothes.
    Design/Fashion trend I’d like to see stay: Neon!
    Goal(s) for 2013: Be healthier, stronger, nurture my hobbies, and to bake more.

  9. Favorite moments of 2012: Marrying my best friend and love of my love and buying our dream home
    Trends that need to go: Bubble Bib Necklaces…and I agree with the mustaches!
    Trends that need to stay: Gold & animal prints (both in home and fashion) & instagram!
    Goals for 2013: Lots of entertaining in our new home. And continue to cultivate our blog and see where this new business venture leads to!

    I’ve really been enjoying your blog! Keep up the great work! I relate to your style…always appreciate good inspiration!
    Check our our blog too.
    Happy 2013!
    Luxe Report

    • Congrats on your wedding! I’m so so with you on the bubble necklace. I joke with my friends all of the time about how we’re going to look back in ten years and be like “remember when we all bought those knock off J.Crew necklaces off of eBay?”

  10. That woman in the bravo show million dollar decorators killed chevron for me. Everytime i see it – i think of her botox.

    Design trend i would love to stay is rose gold.

    Design trend i would love to go is skinny jeans.

    Goals for 2013 – be brave. say yes more.

  11. Favorite moment of 2012: There were too many to name! 2012 was a pretty great year.
    Design/Fashion trend I’d like to see go: I 100% agree on those mustaches – ugh!! I would also love to see peplum tops and pleather leggings disappear!
    Design/Fashion trend I’d like to see stay: I can’t bear to put away my neon colors or faux fur!
    Goal(s) for 2013: I’m hoping to make some big professional advancements in 2013 and figure out how to merge my interests with my career at some point – speaking of which, congrats on the new job! It sounds so exciting!! I was a Design Assisant and a Project Manager at an interior design firm and it’s such an interesting industry to be involved with.

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