Manuel Canovas

The Pursuit of Style | Manuel Canovas

The Pursuit of Style | Manuel Canovas

When I saw this photo from Alessandra’s trip to Cartagena on Into the Gloss I stopped in my tracks for two reasons.

Number one: those tangerine walls are amazing. They actually kind of remind me of the color we used in our bathroom. I love that color so much I might call our bathroom my favorite room in the apartment if it didn’t sound so weird.

Number two: I’m obsessed with Manuel Canovas’ Bengale Toile. A few years ago I scored a remnant off of ebay which ended up being just enough to make a lumbar pillow. Oh what I’d give to have an entire day bed upholstered in it. Especially if that day bed happened to be located in an exotic destination like Cartagena!

Until then I’ll just be thankful for my own tiny piece of Benale Toile. The colors make January just a bit more bearable, don’t you think?

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