big sexy hair

big sexy hair

big sexy hair


I have ridiculously thick naturally wavy hair. The kind that without fail, provokes hairdressers to comment “you sure have a head of hair on you!” Thanks I hadn’t noticed. I’ve been trying to tame my hair for most of my life without much success. You should see pictures of me before discovering the power of a hair straightener… yikes!

One thing I still haven’t mastered is how to blow dry my own hair. Up until a few years ago I didn’t even own a blow dryer! I’d shower at night, let it air dry, and straighten in the morning. It works, but I’m tired of limp locks. I need a little volume in my life!

So tell me, what are your tricks to a great blow out? Favorite products of brushes that make it a bit easier? My hair would be eternally grateful to know your secrets.

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  1. The best way to blow dry thick hair (if you have the time) is in sections. Start underneath and work your way up, taking it section by section with a large round brush. I don’t have any tips for products, though…and when all else fails, as the girls above me said, DRY BAR!! I’ll come to DC and we can have the first experience together 🙂


  2. If you don’t want to wake up early and blow it dry, I suggest getting dry shampoo–the kind that comes out of an aerosol can. You can get a really good version by Suave for $6, or of course splurge and get a fancy one from Sephora. In the morning with clean hair washed and air dried the night before, I take a few sections near the back of my head, spray them with the dry shampoo and then lightly tease the strands with a comb. Then just pull back my hair into a low ponytail and voila! Instant volume and I look a little more polished.

    • This sounds like the perfect time saver! I already have a can of dry shampoo in my medicine cabinet, so I’ll have to try this out this weekend. Thanks, Rachel! xx

  3. I asked for “beach-wave hair” for christmas but didn’t get it…However, when I want to add volume to my mess of hair I always use a metal round brush and start drying at the roots. I’ve also been using Loreal Ever Pure Volume Shampoo and Conditioner for 6 months and LOVE it.

  4. i have naturally wavy, but very thin, fine hair. a horrible combo i tell you. but i have found a few products that definitely give me some lift.
    1. Moroccan Oil. this stuff is amazing for blow outs and keeping your hair nice and smooth.
    2. Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep spray. i can’t say enough about this product. You can use it after you take a shower, just spray on the roots and blow dry for a nice weightless volume. OR, and this is the great part, you can spray it on dry hair and use your round brush and a hair dryer and it acts as both a volumizer and dry shampoo. it is amazing. as with all Aveda products, smells great too.
    3. I agree with Rachel on the dry shampoo. I’ve used Oscar Blandi, Bumble & Bumble, and still come back to my Suave. it works great and you can’t beat the price. even if my hair is clean i will spray it on my roots to control oil and give me some extra volume. Supposedly it pulls oil away from the scalp and down the hair shaft, therefore, naturally conditioning the hair.

    ok. i will stop now. good luck!

  5. I recommend kiel’s silk groom on thoroughly towel dried, damp hair- just the ends. Then go check email for 10 mins. Next take a section near the top of your forehead and dry with Conair hot air brush- the large bristle brush attachment. Twist dried section into a clip. Keep sectioning off this way and adding to the clip until all hair is complete. You can stop there. If its a special night though finish up the roots with a thourough shot of a hot dryer and paddle brush, and/or flat iron the roots till about 1/3- 1/2 way down. If it’s night, roll up into a bun on top of your head and sleep on it. Gorgeous smooth body in the morning. Finish off with Aveda shine or the like. 🙂

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