If I had to pick one quote to remind myself of each week for the entirety of 2013, it would be this one. Blogs are amazing and provide so much inspiration, but I’m pretty sure at one point or another we’ve all fallen victim to comparison.

What, you didn’t go to Paris, London, Morocco, Antigua…insert amazing destination here…this year? Don’t have a closet full of designer duds and aren’t carrying the latest it bag? Your house doesn’t look like it came out of the pages of House Beautiful? Guess what, me either!

This year I’m making more of an effort to stop comparing myself and just enjoy my own perfectly imperfect life. I hope you’ll join me!

10 thoughts on “QUOTED

  1. Such a great quote that I forgot about. I need to remember this more because I am totally guilty of comparing myself all the time. Need to remember to be grateful for all the I do have in 2013! Totally with you!

  2. This is so true….. I constantly have to remind myself to enjoy what I have achieved, instead of comparing myself to everyone else. Imperfection is what makes us interesting 😉 Yels x

  3. Yes. A wonderful reminder as we start this clean slate of 2013! My mantra this year … and put it out there on Jan 1. Kiss your life … as It Is today! We are all so blessed!! xo

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