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I’ve been wishing for snow all winter and this morning I finally woke up to a pristine blanket of fresh powder. It may only be a half an inch, but it’s something! For this New Englander, it just doesn’t seem like winter without at least one snow day.

I think my desire for a winter wonderland might be apparent in the images I’ve been attracted to lately… they all share the same palette of whites and greys with icy blue undertones.

Personally, I think Paris carries off the color palette best. Is there anything Paris doesn’t do better than most cities? Ahh, I need to go back!

9 thoughts on “SNOW DAY

  1. Le Sigh. I totally agree about Paris. It pretty much does everything the best. I would love to go back again too. It’s been 7 years since my trip… Gorgeous photos too and hooray for a snow day!

  2. Such calming and beautiful photos! I totally agree that Paris is the absolute best!
    I thought I loved Italy until I went to Paris! But I would still go to either place any day! tehe!

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