Hydrangeas | The Pursuit of Style

Hydrangeas | The Pursuit of Style

The Pursuit of Style

Almond Croissant | The Pursuit of Style

The Pursuit of Style

The past few weeks have been crazy in the very best of ways. When this weekend rolled around all I wanted was a pair of sweatpants and a DVR full of my favorite shows.

I was actually a little disappointed when I found out we wouldn’t be getting snow like the majority of the Northeast, but now I’m feeling incredibly grateful not to be among the 630,000+ people without power–my parents and grandparents on the Cape included. Stay safe and warm!

After getting my laziness fix I ventured out for some other self indulgent essentials: fresh flowers and an almond croissant. I’ll happily settle for a fluffy white bouquet if it’s the only white out my apartment will be seeing this winter.
Side note: there’s the infamous tortoise ice bucket I’ve mentioned (obsessed over) before.

Our golden retriever, Brody, took complete advantage of the extra few hours I spent lounging in bed. I’m not entirely convinced his half on/half off position could be comfortable, but he seemed to be enjoying it!

How was your weekend? Were you lazy like me, or were you tackling a never ending to-do list?

9 thoughts on “BITS & PIECES

  1. Having lived in NYC and Boston, I was a little jealous of the snow my friends and family back home got over the weekend. I love getting snowed in!

    My golden lays the same way…that is, if I’m looking at that photo correctly and his head is hanging off the bed a bit? So funny!

  2. Hello,

    Hopefully your parent’s power is restored soon. 95% percent of my town is without power, I have NO idea how we were spared, there are trees down everywhere.

    Your dog is adorable, as is that ice bucket…It’s now on my wish list.


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