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Kaftan | Scalloped Bikini | V-Neck Tee | Lace Shorts | Sandals | Banana Leaf Phone Case

The middle of February is about the time when the last vestiges of my summer tan have faded away and I start going through bottles of Keihls in an attempt to put some moisture back into my dry winter skin.

I desperately miss my college days when a trip to somewhere tropical was only a few weeks away. I’m more than a little jealous of my sister’s upcoming trip to Sint Maarten and would happily take her finals for her if it meant I could join!

If I were to make like a snowbird and head south, the items above are what you would find in my dream suitcase. A scalloped bikini and kaftan in a hue to match the crystal clear waters and lace shorts to compliment my tan (because that’s what it’s all about, right?)

Since I’m itching to hop a flight, I was happy to share this getaway inspired Love List with you as part of Diet Pepsi’s #sharethelove campaign. I couldn’t be more on board with their mission of doing more of what you love everyday. Travel might not be in my everyday, but I’d certainly like to do more of it in 2013.

Are you hoping a flight anytime soon? Where to?
Go ahead, make me jealous!

3 thoughts on “GETAWAY LOVE LIST

  1. I agree! I am in Boston and we are literally buried in snow with no removal in sight. A trip anywhere warmer than 20 degrees would be amazing! I am loving the lace shorts, every girl needs a pair. I am a new fan and love your style!! Happy V-tines Day!!

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