The Pursuit of Style

The Pursuit of Style

The Pursuit of Style

Just a few things that I happen to think are pretty great…

I picked up this cashmere sweatshirt on super sale and it’s just as heavenly as a cashmere sweatshirt sounds. On the same shopping trip I succumbed to the printed denim trend and bought these floral skimmer jeans. The pattern is just barely there so I don’t feel quite as bold wearing them.

Essie’s ‘Bikini So Teeny’ is going to be on my nails all spring–so dangerous convenient that you can buy Essie at CVS now! I’ve been wearing these hexagon earrings from Vivid by Esther’s etsy shop on repeat. They’re simple but chic and go with everything. I’m already trying to decide what color to buy next.

My admiration for India Hicks is well documented on this blog and lately I’ve been re-visiting her book Island Life for inspiration. I would love to stay here someday. When I was uploading these photos from my camera, I noticed the first two photos shared the exact same color palette as these potted plants I spotted on in the neighborhood a few weeks ago. I guess life imitates nature?

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  1. I love that Cashmere sweater with that light pair of jeans, and bikini so teeny is a great color. Has anyone ever told you look like Stephanie Meyer in your layout picture?

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