District Doughnut | The Pursuit of Style

District Doughnut | The Pursuit of Style

District Doughnut | The Pursuit of Style

Yesterday we had a “snow day” in DC. The government closed for the day and many businesses followed suit in anticipation of the storm. We waited and waited for the snow but disappointingly it never came–at least not to Capitol Hill.

A snow day without snow is already pretty indulgent, but when I saw via twitter that District Doughnut had an extra dozen up for grabs I knew I could up the ante. One re-tweet and a half hour later co-founder Greg delivered a dozen sinfully delicious doughnuts to my door. Let me repeat that: doughnuts to my door. Could there be anything better?!

Bitches Who Brunch said it first, but I’m going to chime in with a strong second: doughnuts are the new cupcakes. These doughnuts are better than any cupcake I’ve ever tasted. Of the four flavors that came in our dozen (yes, I’ve tried them all judge away) the brown butter is my favorite. The combination of fluffy pastry, cinnamon sugar, and brown butter icing is nothing short of dangerous. Thank god my boyfriend is sharing the extras with his coworkers tomorrow!

To my readers outside of DC: I apologize for taunting you with images of doughnuts. You’ll just have to try them if you come visit! To my DC readers: place an order ASAP. You won’t be disappointed!

12 thoughts on “DISTRICT DOUGHNUT

  1. Oh man, really wish I hadn’t seen this BEFORE breakfast this morning; those look amazing! So glad you had a sweet treat for our amazingly underwhelming “storm”. 🙂 And home doughnut delivery?!? That is truly fantastic.

  2. No judging here. I am all about donuts. I keep hearing about this place – I really need to head over there ASAP. And the ‘snow’ was such a joke. All we got in Annapolis was rain 🙂

  3. I am from DC as well and I have not heard of this place! I will be making a trip ASAP. They all look so delicious plus I love doughnuts 🙂

  4. I love anything brown butter. Next time I am in DC I will def check this spot out. In the meantime, maybe they will deliver to my door in San Francisco 🙂

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