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This will probably make me seem like a prude, but ten years ago the idea of having a large framed nude in my home probably would have made me blush. To be fair to my younger self, ten years ago would put me in a dorm room at boarding school and I have to admit, I got a good laugh imagining one of these pieces mixed in with the Ralph Lauren and David Yurman ads I papered my walls with–nevermind what my dorm parents would have said!

I’d like to think that my taste in artwork has matured (although maybe not my sense of humor) and today I can’t think of anything more chic to add to my walls than one of Jenna Snyder-Phillips‘ nudes. I’ve seen her work repeatedly in the pages of Lonny (side note: Michelle Adams is leaving?? Whoa curveball!) but for some reason never clicked through to discover the artist. Most likely because of the fear of sticker shock. Don’t you hate falling in love with something you can’t have? Happens to me so often with artwork.

Fast forward to last night when I was researching another post and stumbled across Jenna’s website where I noticed a photo of J.Crew’s bridal boutique in her portfolio. The very same photo I included on my inspiration board for my site’s re-design. Ahh, serendipity!

I’ve already made a promise to myself that I will own one of Jenna’s pieces one of these days. I think it would be an amazing present to myself once I achieve something big. My first big interior design project, perhaps? Dream big!


10 thoughts on “IN THE NUDE

  1. I love the idea of gifting yourself a piece of art in honor of a big achievement! And these are lovely. I think a tasteful nude is a great investment. 🙂

  2. I have been falling in love with these lately as well. My mom has a beautiful collection of african inspired nudes decorating the walls of her bedroom, which I always loved!

  3. Great mind things alike…I posted about my new obsession with nude artwork today as well! I love all of your inspiration pictures!! I hadn’t discovered Jenna’s nudes so I will have to check them out!!

  4. Yes, when the time comes, GIFT yourself with one of these stunning pieces!
    I never thought about them, but now I think I’m in love also! Oh isn’t it fun to dream! Our tastes change and evolve ….so happy about that! How boring if we didn’t dream and grow!

  5. Hello,

    Goodness I know that this feed is a few years old, but can anyone tell me where I can see the full image of the beautiful chalk drawing of the bourse on the right hand side of the picture above, I absolutely adore it!

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