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Pom poms are back! Ever since spotting this Maira Kalman quote among the new arrivals at Furbish I’ve been noticing pom poms everywhere. Definitely not a complaint because I happen to think they’re pretty great in their own playful way.

I’d love to see these pillows in a children’s room and think this necklace is gorgeous if you’re willing to go bold. If you prefer your poms a little more subtle visit Albertina’s etsy shop for adorable pom pom pouches or check out this Serena & Lilly throw.

Love them or hate them, you have to admit everything looks a little more festive when pom poms are involved!

11 thoughts on “POM POM

  1. HOLY MOLY You re-did your site!!!! It looks so cool!!! I’m so in love with it. And speaking of in love…that Tory Burch necklace is so insanely perfect!!! Isn’t it so funny how something so little as a pom can make us so happy? But they do..I love them! Congrats on the site!!! xoxoxoox

  2. Lindsay! Thank you so much for featuring my little pouch! I love your round-up. And that Tory Burch necklace is SO good. What a happy accessory. Yeay! I’m so excited. xx

  3. Those pillows are pretty cute.

    I have been looking to buy some rugs lately.. anyone know any sites?
    I’ve heard about Rugman.com? Any experiences there? 🙂

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