Allison Speer | Vaunte

Sabrina Buell | Vaunte

Allison Speer | Vaunte

Allison Speer | Vaunte

Fiona Thomas | Vaunte
Fiona Thomas | Vaunte
Cricket Burns | Vaunte


There was an interesting article in this week’s WSJ Off Duty about the growing acceptance of wearing “last season” designer duds and the sale sites that assist in tracking down those coveted pieces that got away. I might be so unfashionable that I was ahead of the curve on this one because I’ve been trolling ebay and the like for years. Regardless, I was excited to be introduced to a new sale site, Vaunte, through the article.

Founded by two former Gilt Groupe employees, I like to think of Vaunte as part The Outnet, part The Coveteur. The website allows you to shop the closets of some seriously stylish ladies (and the deals are ah-mazing–I was so surprised!) but what really drew me in were the accompanying photos from their homes.

Maybe I’m completely nosy, but I find these glimpses into other people’s homes and closets fascinating. I’m totally the person at a party that wants to know all about your tchotchkes and the stories behind them–I just love it!

If you’re not already a member join here. I know I’ll be checking in often for both the clothes and the interiors!

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  1. I discovered the site from the WSJ article as well. I love the concept and they had some really good pieces. I will definitely continue to check back and look for new stuff.

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