Let’s play a game called self-justification… I would totally wear this pelican print top all spring, right? It’s one of those pieces that’s going to sell out and I’m going to kick myself for not buying it when I had the chance and think about it forever, right? The whimsical print will just challenge me to think outside the box when styling it, right?

Thanks, that’s exactly what I thought.

P.S Or maybe I should just take advantage of Shopbop’s sale and just buy the tank version in mint?

5 thoughts on “BIRD BRAINED

  1. Love the print! I especially like how the occasional pelican is upside down–it makes it even more playful than the typical “animal print.” Milly should make wallpaper. I’d love this in a powder room…

  2. a pelican print?! yes please and thank you! and i 150% agree with Catherine, this would be the wallpaper of wallpapers! but $250 for a blouse kind of gives me a side cramp. le sigh.

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