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Large Blue and White Dish: Banana Republic Rhinestone Earrings (similar), Vintage Turquoise/Gold Earrings, Vintage Turquoise Earrings |  Small Blue and White Dish: Vintage Pearl Earrings, Vintage Cobalt Earrings, Jo  Jo Fleur Bling Earrings | French Tip Plate: Vintage Starburst Earrings (similar), Vintage Black Earrings (similar), Onyx Ring (my grandfathers) | Club Dish: J.Crew Earrings (old) | Turquoise Dish: ASHA Olivia Earrings (c/o), ASHA Zodiac Ring (c/o), ASHA Yardley Bangles (c/o) | Orange and White Dish: Kate Spade Ring (old), Vintage Rhinestone Earrings (similar), Vivid By Esther Hexagon Earrings

After shoes, my jewelry is one of the first things to come off when I get home. To help corral the clutter I’ve scattered some vintage dishes (I can never resist a one-off in a pretty pattern) in strategic spots around the house. Yes, sometimes a pair of earrings still ends up on the arm of the sofa but overall it’s been a helpful way to keep things somewhat neat and accounted for. Having my favorite pieces out in plain sight is actually really helpful too.

The most recent addition to my little collection is the turquoise lusterware dish I picked up at a local antique store. A cheap thrill that reminds me of some of my favorite Waylande Gregory pieces. Filled with my beautiful ASHA by ADM jewelry it’s even more lovely.

Just curious, how do you store your jewelry?

10 thoughts on “DISHING IT OUT

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  2. Lindsay, I love your choice of bowl designs… I recently wrote about jewellery storage ideas over on my blog so I had to update with a link to your wonderful style ideas. Please keep the beautiful ideas coming!

  3. what a great photo! I love it. Your bowls with baubles look so beautiful. I actually have several drawers dedicated but I need more room so I can see everything, because many times I forget what I have. Happy weekend!

  4. My jewelry comes off even before my shoes! I keep my jewelry in dishes, like yours, but most of the time my jewelry still ends up scattered all around the house. I just can’t help it!

    Love the turquoise dish, by the way.

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