Dolly Pearl

Dolly Pearl

Dolly Pearl

In a few short days I’ll be slipping on my bridesmaid dress (which I actually love) and watching one of my good friends marry her college sweetheart. I hope the make-up artist has waterproof mascara because I already know I’ll be teary. Has anyone else noticed themselves becoming more of a sap the older they get?

With weddings on my mind I wanted to share a new line I recently discovered and fell in love with. Meet Dolly Pearl. Lovingly made in the US by Texas based designer, Vi Hoang, this collection of bridal dresses left me weak in the knees. I was particularly enamored with the shorter sheaths pictured above.

I’ll likely go with a more traditional floor length when the time comes, but I think these are perfection for a more casual ceremony, or even to change into before the reception so you can dance the night away unconfined. Lovely, right?

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