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It might be a little early to start drinking–yes, even for a Friday–so until the clock strikes 5:00 (or maybe 1:00 for those of you with summer Fridays) let’s chat about bars and mixing a drink.

The little bar area we have set up in our apartment is in need of re-stocking and I’m curious, what are your essentials? This gorgeous set-up by Pheobe Howard accompanied this Southern Living article:  “How to Stock the Bar“.

I’m always interested in how other people entertain so I’d love to know how you stock your bar. Do you have a signature drink you mix for parties?

P.S my re-stock will definitely include these neon bordered cocktail napkins, and pineapple drink stirrers. Maybe this neon lucite serving tray too because it’s just too fab!

2 thoughts on “BARTENDING

  1. I try to have all the main liquors on hand: vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and a blended scotch or whiskey of some sort.

    Then it’s always fun to have vermouth and one or two other liquors on hand (like St. Germain, Lillet, Chambord, etc).

    And then you need your mixers! Sodas and juices in mini cans are easy, but I’m working on where to find those. Don’t forget some fun glassware too!

    One of my favorite drinks for guests is bellinis with mango puree instead of peach. Look for the Ceres brand in the grocery store. Cheers!

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