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Bunny Williams | Lonny

Bunny Williams | Lonny

The Pursuit of Style | Mirrored Sconces

This Sea Island condo designed by Bunny Williams (featured in the July 2010 issue of Lonny) has always been one of my favorites. The entire condo is beautiful, and one I come back to for inspiration often, but I’ve always fixated on those mirrored sconces. They’ve been in the back of my mind for years now and something I always keep my eye out for on antiquing trips.

The exact sconces Bunny used were from Treillage but of course they’re long gone now. I’ve found some pretty amazing options on 1st Dibs but naturally they’ve all been just a little out of my price range. Last week I must have had some good karma come my way, or the stars were aligned, because I finally found my sconces!

Kathryn and I popped into one of my favorite home furnishings consignment stores, Gallery St. Elmo, while waiting for a (very late) delivery and there they were on the back wall. It was one of those situations where I was a little afraid to look at the price tag for fear that I wouldn’t be able to take them home. Fortunately–as with most items at Gallery St. Elmo–they were actually quite the steal!  Ahh isn’t finally finding that one thing you’ve been looking for the best feeling?

P.S if you’re looking Pottery Barn has a pair that are slightly more rustic, but same idea and they’re on sale!


  1. Love them! It’s great when you finally find something you have been looking for! I could see why you never forgot the first set…I know I will be dreaming of them too!

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