The Pursuit of Style
The Pursuit of Style

I think it goes without saying that this chair is going to need a whole lot of TLC, but listen to this… my mom found it at an estate sale for $3. How insane is that? My favorite chapstick costs more than $3!

I co-opted it while I was home (Brody, my golden, was non to pleased to share the back of the car with it on the ten hour drive back) and now it’s time to give this lady a much needed makeover.

Now here’s the question… ‘Amethyst Cream’ or ‘Purple Lace’? Kind of hate both ot those names but think either could be pretty great in high gloss. Thoughts from the peanut gallery?

*Whoops I’ve been confusing everyone with the second photo. Should have mentioned that I’m going with a neutral fabric for the seat. That leopard is a pillow I took the picture on 🙂

13 thoughts on “A PROJECT…

  1. Purple lace! I think the Amethyst has too much pink in it and the purple lace will work in more spaces. Either way, though, the chair is a total score and will look fab!

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