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Gallery Wall Grid

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Apologies for the light posting this week, I have some exciting projects coming up and have been racing the clock to cross off those last items on my to-do list. Anyone else kind of thrive on the exhilaration of working under pressure? I’m sure I can’t be the only glutton for punishment.

Anyway, just when I thought I was “done” (it’s never done) with the apartment, I realized there was something about the stairwell I wasn’t loving and decided to give it an overhaul. If you were reading last August, I gave this same space a makeover for part of a six week challenge.

The final product was okay, but I never loved it and within six months that gallery wall came down. More recently I started to tire of the seafoam walls and feeling inspired by Elsie de Wolfe’s famous quote: “I believe in optimism and plenty of white paint” gave them a fresh clean coat of white.

Art was the next dilemma. With 13′ ceilings I needed something that would make a visual impact and break up all of that white. The nautical chart that hung there in the past was much too small for the space and only accentuated the height of the ceilings. I needed something to to balance the space. Having gone the more organic gallery wall route in the past, I decided this time I’d take a more clean lined approach.

The photos above were my inspiration and you get an idea of the direction I’m going from the tracing paper templates currently hanging in the space (admittedly looking a little worse for the wear having been hung around 11:00pm). Artwork is going up later tonight and I’m really¬†really¬†hoping this looks as good as it did in my head when I dreamed this up!


2 thoughts on “OFF THE GRID

  1. I love this look, but I’m picture-hanging challenged and have trouble getting even two to line up perfectly… Can’t wait to see what your reveal! Very curious about what’s going in all those frames!

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