Hamish Bowles | Vogue

Hamish Bowles | Vogue

Hamish Bowles | Vogue

Hamish Bowles | Vogue


Whoa, I kind of can’t believe I’m turning 27 today. When I was growing up I always thought of 27 as sort of a magic number–the age I’d certainly have everything “figured out” by. I’m not sure if this makes me wiser, or just more realistic, but I can say that as I’ve gotten older I’ve definitely realized you never completely have it all “figured out”. There’s always a new set of challenges and adventures to take on, but isn’t that what makes life exciting?

Last year on my birthday I made a list of 26 goals for the year and as I looked back this morning I was feeling pretty proud of myself that most of the big ones were checked off (I’m planning to make a new list for 27, just need to give it some thought!) It’s kind of funny to me that one of the goals on my list was to take a course in interior design. How about a complete career change, does that count? No? Okay, well I took a course too!

My celebration might not be nearly as elaborate as Hamish Bowles’ Gatsby inspired 50th (shown above) but I’m looking forward to spending the morning antiquing with my mom, relaxing at the beach, and heading to my very favorite restaurant for dinner. As my grandmother reminded me yesterday, don’t worry about the number, just be happy you’re still here to be living it!

Cheers to 27!


13 thoughts on “OLDER AND WISER

  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day. Great idea on the 27 goals…I guess I still have a few months to come up with my 34 goals…whoa!

  2. HB! Did you get yourself something special? I always do…still thinking abt the zodiac ring you will be the first to know when I get one. Enjoy the moment of being 27!

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