Wow guys, I’m so flattered by all your tweets, emails, Instagram and Facebook messages about yesterday’s Glitter Guide feature! It can be a little nerve-wracking putting your home out there like that–as I’m sure you can imagine–so thank you for being so amazing and encouraging. I’m my own worst critic and your comments always help me be a little less hard on myself. I’m sure my boyfriend and mom would want to thank you too, ha!

I’m also excited because now I can share a bit more on what the design process has been like with this apartment. I think you’ll be pretty shocked by some of the before photos–particularly of the living room and bedroom. But before we get to those rooms, let’s start off with one you didn’t get to see in the tour, the bathroom.

The Pursuit of Style

Because we rent, we were limited to superficial changes but honestly as far as apartment bathrooms go this one wasn’t that terrible–I was thankful for white tile and cabinetry! Since we were doing white walls in the rest of the apartment I knew I wanted to go bold in the bathroom. Weirdly enough, the paint color was inspired by an old perfume box I had been holding on to. The color is Benjamin Moore Starburst Orange and it’s the happiest shade of coral.

Next I brought in some pattern via a custom shower curtain. The fabric is Robert Allen’s Crystal Lake in Chocolate. The hot pink monogram dictated my choice of a hot pink velvet when I was having my gold rope stool re-upholstered.

The Pursuit of Style

I found the drawing of a giraffe at an antique mall in Alabama and fell in love with it. The mat happens to be chocolate brown so it worked perfectly in the bathroom. I have way more animal art than I care to admit, by the way. For above the towel rack I had been planning to buy one of Gretchen Kelly’s nudes but then I remembered I had this great piece by Lulu DK that I was having trouble finding a spot for. Problem solved!

The Pursuit of Style

For comparison, here’s the before and after….

The Pursuit of Style | Before & AfterBehold the power of paint!

P.S I know this was way wordier than my normal posts so if you made it through you’re a saint!

Photos by Natalie Grasso for Apartment Therapy

3 thoughts on “BATHROOM BEFORE & AFTER

  1. love it! we did a hot pink bath room with all black and white accessories and loved it. of course, home buyers were not as excited and we had to paint it boring again but we sure loved it!

  2. Your place looks great! We bought on the Hill a couple years ago and our place is still light years away from looking that done. I think you’ve inspired me to get going though! 🙂

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