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I’m going to be honest, Halloween is probably my least favorite holiday. Aside from my inability to watch anything scarier than Harry Potter without having nightmares, I also never seem to get my act together in time to come up with a creative costume. Every September I think to myself: “This is going to be the year” and then the week of Halloween rolls around and I’ve got nothing.

So, if you’re a perpetual Halloween procrastinator like me, here are my last minute suggestions. They won’t win you first prize in the costume contest but you’ll still be festive. Better yet, you can actually wear these pieces past October 31.

I’m thinking this sweatshirt and that bat phone (cracks me up!) will do just the trick. Now how about that two day shipping…

5 thoughts on “HAUTE HALLOWEEN

  1. Cute round up! I feel the same way about Halloween…would much rather be celebrating the New Year! But you have to admit, our hood is the best in DC for Halloween!

    • NYE definitely trumps Halloween! Maybe I just need to find a way to incorporate champagne into my Halloween plans… You’re right though, Capitol Hill makes for some pretty adorable trick or treater sightings.

  2. LOVE the phone! Get out the bat signal! 🙂 Love the slippers too…hope they go on sale! Thanks for the spooktacular post! 🙂

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