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Aphro Chic Juju WallpaperJayson Home Feather Print | TopShop Camo Bow Slippers | Jonathan Adler Specs Case | Lauren Merkin Mini Marlow Cross Body | Tom Ford African Violet Nail Polish | ASOS Paris-New York Earrings | Ann Taylor Foxhead Bracelet

This In Pursuit is a complete 180 after yesterday’s color saturated post but I’m loving it just as much. The amazing Juju wallpaper from Aphro Chic was the jumping off point. That screenshot has been living on my desktop for the past few months and every night when I’m thinking about what to chat about on this blog I come back to it and think to myself: “I have got to post about that wallpaper!” It’s just so good.

Then I came across this feather print series and couldn’t stop thinking about how fantastic it would look on top of the wallpaper–right? I spiraled down the rabbit hole from there. This specs case reminded me of a favorite Rene Gruau illustration and these earrings and bow toed flats were too affordable to pass up! When I came across Tom Ford’s African Violet polish I knew what I’d be sporting straight through New Years.

And that, my friends, is what my stream of consciousness looks like when I’m trying to distract myself from freaking out that my little apartment is finally making its internet debut.

P.S if you’re equally obsessed with that feather print but are looking for a more affordable option you might like this alternative. Sadly rent takes priority over art for me too!

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