The Pursuit of StyleC.Wonder Fox Head LoafersFresco Towels BathmatAdia Kibur Horn Necklace | Sara Kate Studios Notebook Fornash Tortoise iPhone Case |   Holst Lee Crystal Stud Earrings | Serena & Lily Brass Ring Table Lamp | Rwanda Basket | Madewell New York Tee

I’ll have a whole slew of gift guides for you in a few weeks, but I couldn’t wait to share a few things that have been catching my eye lately…

At the very top of my list: these fox head loafers. I think they’d be perfect stand-ins until I can have an awesome foxy doorknocker. Next up, this fancy bathmat. Tricked ya, didn’t it? I’m always looking to add some new baubles to my collection. This and these would be more than welcome additions.

Sometimes I feel like I might be the only person who still has an iPhone 4, so I was really excited to find this chic case. Lastly, I came across this project and thought it was pretty fantastic. I loved reading the artisans’ stories and there are some great pieces you’ll actually feel good about buying.

5 thoughts on “IN PURSUIT

  1. I LOVE the fox loafers!! I’m a jewelry designer and have a necklace that same emerald green with a fox on it…I think this means they’re meant to be mine. Great round up, can’t wait to see your gift guides!

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