Happy Menocal for Chance

Happy Menocal for Chance

Happy Menocal for Chance

I’m skipping out of town a bit early to get a head start on my merry making. Please excuse me while I take the next week to indulge in everything but hours behind a computer screen. We’ll see how long I last, but for now, let the digital detox begin!

Happy Holidays! xx

P.S pick up a set of these fanciful zebra holiday cards designed by Happy Menocal at Chance.

2 thoughts on “MERRY MAKING

  1. Have a safe and lovely holiday! I’ll miss your posts, but you deserve some time off.

    I bought the Bunny Williams book, An Affair with A House and a Katie Ridder book to keep me from going through style withdrawal during the holidays. Merry Christmas to me! It’s been hard to save them for the holiday week ahead.

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