The Pursuit of Style

Spending the first weekend of 2014 in bed with the flu might have thrown a wrench into the productive start I had planned but I’m just going to consider it a cleanse and cross that one off the NY resolutions list. I mean I was drinking tons of liquids, wishing I could eat anything, and did end a few pounds lighter. Same thing, right?

All joking aside, it did give me plenty of time to finally finish unpacking from the holidays and in the process, unearth some of the treasures I had bought for myself and squirreled away before Christmas morning (naughty list, I know!) I just can’t resist hitting all my favorite haunts when I’m home.

This trip I came home with a few more pieces for the framers. Hand colored butterflies from an 1872 book on natural history and another constellation chart for my collection (see here and here) dating back to 1835. Couldn’t possibly have left those behind, right?!

I hope your first full week of 2014 is off to a great start!

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