The Pursuit of Style

It’s getting to be that time of year when the holidays are behind us, and looking forward it’s one long slough until Spring. My skin has turned a ghostly shade that belies my Portuguese roots and my favorite sweaters lost their charm a month ago.

Glimpses of the insanely chic Lyford Cay Club Design Weekend from some of favorite interior designer’s instagram feeds only fueled my desire for an exotic escape (and solidified Tom Scheerer’s spot on my list of design idols). Sadly it’s not in the cards this winter, so back issues of Holiday magazine will have to suffice.

Aren’t the covers amazing? They’re chock full of inspiration too. As if I needed another collection… So let’s daydream–this will actually be good honeymoon destination brainstorming–where would you want to jet off to this winter? Marrakesh is on my short list.

Photo by Lindsay Souza for The Pursuit of Style

4 thoughts on “BITS & PIECES

  1. I am right there with you about longing for some warmer weather!
    And even more so of the interiors of Tom Sheerer! So classic yet fun, perfect for any beach home!

  2. We absolutely loved our trip to the island of Nevis a few years ago. We stayed at Montpelier Plantation and couldn’t have imagined a better experience. Friends of ours stayed there (and at another plantation, Nibset) for their honeymoon last spring and raved about it as well!

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