I might have ended January feeling a bit blah, but this first week of February has been the perfect re-set and I couldn’t be more excited about the month ahead. I started this program and survived my first nine days (oh what I’d give for a Diet Coke…), dragged myself out of bed for my first barre class this morning, and scheduled a trip to NYC next week to go wedding dress shopping with my mom and sister (!!)–kind of happy we’ll be missing the NYFW craziness, although I do love watching from afar.

A few things for your perusal on this chilly Sunday…

For Fashion Week:
-I love Style.com’s split second previews. A peek at the inspiration behind some of the biggest names in the industry’s collections and descriptions in 140 characters or less.
-NYFW by the numbers: can you imagine spending $60,000 for ten minutes?!
-The latest designer collection that had fashionistas waking up early to shop.
This collection is aimed at a much younger audience than your typical NYFW crowd but it’s pretty much my favorite.

For The Bedroom: -Couldn’t agree with this article more. It’s all about the mix!
P.S if D.Porthault isn’t in your budget (don’t worry, it’s not in mine either!) here, here, and here are some of my favorite bedding sources.

For Inspiration/Aspiration:
-I’ll never get enough of this home. Ever. Don’t miss the stylish musings of it’s owner either!
-I just discovered this new-to-me luxury shopping site. Holy rainbow of Birkins!

4 thoughts on “WEEKEND READING

  1. Did my first Whole30 last year and just finished my second time around. If you’ve gone this far, you’re golden! And, you will feel amazing once you finish the month! Good luck!

  2. I’m obsessed with the Paddington Bear collection for Gap! I ordered a bunch of pieces (plus a book and bear) for my boyfriend’s sister’s shower. I may or my not already be hoping for hand-me-downs… Is that terrible?

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