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My desk has become somewhat of a disaster zone. Design books, pretty bits of ephemera saved from my travels, fabric and magazine tear sheets pulled for project inspiration all compete for visual attention and threaten to swallow up every last bit of usable work space.

I finally decided to tackle the towering stacks and reclaim some territory this weekend and unearthed my copy of Wayne Pate’s limited edition volume of line drawings which I fully intended to blog about months ago. If you remember this post, you know how much of a fan I am of Wayne’s work, so when he announced the release of his first book featuring 24 loose leaf line drawings, I jumped at the chance to purchase.

In typical fashion it’s been months and I still haven’t gotten to the framers (have to work myself up to signing over a paycheck, ha!) but re-discovering these has firmed up my resolve. I’m thinking the urn in the bottom left will be the perfect addition to a grouping of black and white pieces I have in the works.

P.S you can also find a few of Wayne’s pieces here; including some super adorable onesies I hadn’t seen before!

Photo by Lindsay Souza for The Pursuit of Style

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