Bridesmaids | The Pursuit of Style

Bridesmaids | The Pursuit of Style

Bridesmaids | The Pursuit of Style

It’s been awhile since I shared any wedding updates so in the spirit of “wedding Wednesday” (which don’t worry, I won’t be making a weekly thing) I thought I’d share one of the biggest items I’ve crossed off my to-do list: asking my bridesmaids! All of the planning just didn’t feel real until I could share the experience with my closest friends and I think I was probably half as nervous/excited asking as Garrett was proposing.

We decided to keep the wedding party small–just four groomsmen/bridesmaids respectively. I had hoped to plan a special brunch and ask everyone together, but with four bridesmaids in four states, the logistics proved to be too tricky. Thankfully, some well-timed visits allowed me to ask all but one bridesmaid in person.

In the end, I kept things pretty simple. I picked up these paper doll cards (adorable, but don’t allow much room for a note so if you’re long winded like me, you’ll want to include another piece of stationery), a tongue in cheek notepad from Rifle Paper, some knot earrings (my attempt at being clever), and bottles of Veuve which I totally admit to buying for the pretty packaging. Marketer’s dream, right here.

I happened to have coordinating tissue paper in the mess of wrapping supplies stashed oh-so-glamorously under our bed and some extra Greek key ribbon to finish things off. I popped everything in gift bags, crossed my fingers that everyone would say yes, and thankfully they did! So there you have it, the start of what I happen to think is the best bridal party a girl could ask for.

P.S I still need to ask our flower girl and ring bearer. Any cute ideas? Hoping to make it fun for them as well! 

4 thoughts on “BRIDESMAIDS

  1. The knot earrings are actually very clever! That’s so cute and sweet. I love it when brides also make their bridesmaids feel special. 🙂 I don’t think the flower girl and ring bearer would appreciate the Veuve though, so maybe some sweets for them? haha

  2. You are adorable! This is the absolute cutest. A friend of mine just asked me to be a bridesmaid with the knot earrings as well. =) I know your wedding is going to be beautiful!! Let’s get together again soon, girly!
    xo Sallie

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