One of the most exciting things about the interior design industry today is how quickly it’s changing. Thanks to the internet, design is more accessible than ever and the industry has had to evolve accordingly. With evolution comes innovation, and today I’m excited to introduce you to a new online boutique, MACK, that offers a unique way to shop online for home decor.


The democratization of design has been fantastic for giving consumers access to formerly trade only resources, but the seemingly limitless options can often be overwhelming without a designer’s well honed eye to help guide the process. That’s where MACK comes in. Similar to the e-design concept we’ve seen but without the added cost of hiring a designer, MACK has taken the guesswork out of decorating by allowing you to shop their professionally designed and expertly layered spaces.


The most frequent refrain I hear from clients is: “I just need help pulling everything together”and I think MACK is a great resource. The difficult task of pairing pieces has been done for you and you’re able to visualize what the end result will be (often the hardest part!) thanks to their beautiful photography and user friendly interface. Find the space that speaks to you and buy it in its entirety to re-create the look or pick just a few pieces. Looking for something specific? You can also shop by category, style, or color.


I think this is a really exciting new model and was thrilled to have the chance to chat with founder, Tamara Mack, and learn a bit more about her inspiration and design advice. I hope you’ll enjoy the brief interview below!


MACK is such a unique concept, what inspired you to shake up the traditional e-commerce model?

Over eight years ago, I found my calling designing and staging homes in the San Francisco bay area. From my experiences staging homes with little-to-no lead time (on average, only two to three days) and working with full-service interior design clients in a typical four-to-six-month lead time, I saw a need for a faster, more streamlined solution for decorating. As a working mother of three balancing career and family, I know that the time-crunch of daily life can hold back exciting projects like decorating, so a change to the dated interior design model seemed imperative!

What type of client do you think benefits best from shopping MACK as opposed to seeking out more traditional design assistance?

We built MACK to speak to everyone! Shopping MACK by room is great for clients who want to achieve a professionally designed look without the expense or time commitment of working with an interior designer. For a more traditional shopper or those working with a designer, we also allow customers to shop by category, color, or style. We’re building MACK to be a go-to resource for shoppers in all stages of the design process – whether they’re on the hunt for the perfect throw pillow, or are looking to furnish an entire room.

The best piece of design advice you’d give to someone looking to redecorate their home:
Be yourself! A well decorated home should make you feel more productive, energized, and uplifted. Choose pieces that make you happy and don’t let trends overpower your intuition.

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