Aerin Lauder Hamptons Home

Aerin Lauder Hamptons Home

Aerin Lauder Hamptons Home

Aerin Lauder East Hampton

I was hoping by this time this week I would have exciting news to share, but unfortunately it wasn’t in the cards this time. We found a house. My perfect house. It was built in the 1830s, a classic colonial in a cute little neighborhood that reminded me of New England. White clapboard, black shutters, tomato red front door–it even had peonies planted in the huge backyard!

We played real estate cat and mouse and were ecstatic when we finally met in the middle and went under contract. I had floor plans drawn, light fixtures selected, and convinced myself it was okay to buy a few rolls of discontinued wallpaper I found for a steal. Here’s the deal, that saying,: “don’t count your chickens before they hatch?” It might as well be: “don’t buy wallpaper before you own the walls.”

Last week we brought in an amazing inspector who specializes in historic homes and it wasn’t pretty. Although you’d never know it from outward appearance, the house had more issues than Lindsay Lohan, and at least with Lindsay it’s pretty transparent that she’s a hot mess! Needless to say, things fell apart almost as quickly as I’m told one of the support beams did.

Having my dreams of wallpaper and twin green velvet English roll arm sofas dashed left me pretty heartbroken; but thankfully I quickly realized how first world our problems were and ended the pity party of one. We’re taking a break from the house hunt until after the wedding, which has gotten my wheels spinning about maybe making some changes around our current apartment to get my fix….

Garrett’s out of town this weekend, and who knows, maybe by the time he gets back the walls will have been painted that shade of lavender I’ve been talking about.

P.S  Aerin Lauder’s East Hampton home would be my ultimate get out of jail free card if I were to have an affair with a house. Greek Revival perfection.

8 thoughts on “AN AFFAIR WITH A HOUSE

  1. Ohhh Lindsay….I feel your pain. There have been many beauties that have gotton away from me as well. Keep the wallpaper rolls and your faith that the right one will come along. My fingers are crossed for u :). Better to find out the expensive underbelly before than after….

  2. Know it must be heartbreaking but things happen for a reason. When it is right & the right house presents you will know it and it WILL happen!

  3. I feel your pain. We are house hunting and my husband gets so annoyed with me because I get emotionally involved. It is impossible not to. I have no doubts that whatever you find is going to be absolutely perfect.

  4. I totally understand where you are at…I have had a some what similar. Feel in LOVE with a place, pretty much already moved in mentally. Then as we progressed into the sale…I had someone come by and review all maintenance issues…for which there were many. Thought I can apply all financial issues into the offer. Wrong! Place sold at full ask…even with all of the issues. Frustrating…but I would also like to believe that is just not to be “thee” home! LOVE your blog.

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