The Pursuit of Style

I had to snap a picture of this lovely situation before mailing it out to a client earlier this week. The sophisticated combination of chocolate browns, taupes, and blues just makes me giddy.

Pulling together fabrics will always be my favorite part!


If there were a way to calculate chic per capita, I’m pretty sure Lyford Cay would be off the charts thanks in large part to designers like Amanda Lindroth (and of course, Tom Scheerer’s re-decoration of the Lyford Cay Club). This wicker and rattan filled porch designed by Lindroth featured in House Beautiful is providing me with ample inspiration. Those lamps!

House Beautiful | Amanda Lindroth

As much as I’m in denial that summer is quickly fleeting, purchases like these stacked tortoise heels are making the transition to fall more appealing. Huge props to my sister for bringing them to my tortoise loving attention.

Tortoise Heels

I have a category in my reader titled “An Education” for blogs that enrich my knowledge of interior design. Carolyn Roehm’s blog is one of my favorites in that category. Following the renovations of her historic Charleston home is fascinating.  The recent reveal of her bird room was a particular favorite.

Carolyn Roehm


The Pursuit of Style

Re-discovering the ephemera I’ve invariably tucked away in various pockets of my bags is always my favorite part of unpacking from a trip. I spent this past weekend in New York with my mom for my first wedding dress fitting (can’t believe we’re under two month!) and I think it’s safe to say that I fall in love with the city a little more with each visit.

My NYC restaurant ‘to-visit’ list is about a mile long and on this visit I was excited to check off Prune, Freemans, and The Breslin. All were fantastic. Prune’s hot pink branding is as on point as the food–I was pleasantly surprised to realize that owner and chef Gabrielle Hamilton also authored Blood Bones & Butter which has been on my reading list for far too long. Changing that immediately. Anyone else love reading about food?

I’m still dying to know the paint color of Freemans’ doors which beckon you from the end of an unassuming alley, and wouldn’t mind having the ricotta stuffed squash blossoms with prosciutto, tomato, and eggs that I had at The Breslin every Sunday for the rest of my days. Yum. With an hour before my fitting and still no wedding shoes to actually fit the dress to, a trip to the Saks shoe salon was in order. Thankfully Stuart Weitzman came through for the win.

NYC friends, I’ve checked three restaurants off my list, what are the next three to add?


The Pursuit of Style

The Pursuit of Style

The Pursuit of Style

The Pursuit of Style

The Pursuit of Style


A few months back an old friend connected me with Samantha Knapp of Tiger Lily’s, a family owned interior design studio and custom workroom in Greenwich, Connecticut. Knowing we each had come to interior design from somewhat unexpected backgrounds (me from politics, and Samantha from journalism) and our shared penchant for turning tradition on its head (check out Samantha’s cottage in Lonny!), our mutual friend knew we had to chat.

We talked about the inherent opportunities of life changes and cooked up a little collaboration that I’m excited to share today! Tiger Lily’s is truly a full service design studio offering everything from custom furniture and window treatments to interior design services. The options were limitless, but we decided my desk chair needed some love and got to work designing a custom pillow to zhush it up.

To coordinate with my lavender fretwork desk chair and coral desk, Samantha suggested a Tilton Fenwick for Duralee fabric paired with a coral brush fringe from Duralee’s outdoor trim collection. It was love at first sight and I now want to put brush fringe on everything. More importantly, I’ve actually started using my desk rather than decamping to the bed.

Samantha is such a talent and it was such a pleasure working with Tiger Lily’s on this project. If you’re in the area I hope you’ll check them out. I can’t wait to stop in next time we drive up to the Cape.

P.S don’t miss Samantha on HGTV’s House Hunters Reno Saturday, August 23 at 9PM!


Soho House | Smitten Studio

I have not been able to get this image out of my head since first spotting it on Smitten Studio (amazing blog, add it to your reader!) and now I desperately want to take a trip to the Soho House in Miami OR re-create the entire fabulous situation in someone’s breakfast nook. PEACOCK LEATHER CHESTERFIELD!

This is Glamorous | Design Sponge

I’ve never been a shoe girl, but This Is Glamorous makes me want to be. More clever shoe storage ideas here and Michelle Smith’s stylish living room shoe situation.

Tory Burch Blog

De Gournay and Serge Mouille make unexpected bedfellows, but I think this relationship will make it the long haul! Bonus pints for the powder blue mid-century buffet. via Tory Burch

Lately I’ve felt like my brain is starting to share an unsettling resemblance to my internet browser–a hundred different tabs open at once that I promise I’ll get around to reading, buying, blogging, doing later.

We’re just over two months away from the wedding (headed up to NYC for my first fitting this weekend!) and as much as I swore up and down I’d be a low key bride I’m definitely starting to feeling the stress building, but also the excitement!

I’m working with some amazing clients who have put full trust in me creatively which always makes for a more rewarding project, and am getting ready to celebrate a birthday on Thursday. Life’s been a whirlwind, and I’m not nearly ready to say goodbye to summer. Where did it go?!

With of all of the crazy, TPOS got pushed further and further down the to-do list and sadly began to feel more like a box to check than a place to engage and share inspiration. Hence the sporadic posting this summer.

I’ve been having more and more conversations with fellow bloggers and blog readers alike about the “state of blogging” and there seems to be an overall sense of discontent. A feeling that something is missing that we can’t quite put our finger on. Scrolling Insta has replaced checking in on some of our old daily reads, others we read with an eye roll.

So I’m curious both as a blog writer and blog reader, what’s next? Do we think blogging is on its way out or will it simply continue to evolve?

More importantly, I’ve shared some of my current inspiration above, what’s inspiring YOU? Please share in the comments below.