Artichoke Lamp | Lindsay Speace Interior DesignI shared a peek last week at some of the bits & pieces currently coloring my office, but I thought my latest find was deserving of its own post. Meet the new apple (er, artichoke) of my eye. A playful new shade is in order and I’m thinking the Raoul Textiles beauty shown above might be just the ticket.

The hoarding continues… 😉


Sara Gilbane

Sara Gilbane

Markham Roberts


Do you play backgammon? I’ve never played, but it seems that I need to learn so I can carve out a chic little space for a backgammon table in my future dream home like two of my design idols, Sara Gilbane and Markham Roberts have done in the first three photos above (fourth photo designer unknown).

I’m particularly captivated by the first room which was designed by Gilbane for the Rooms With a View showhouse. The lotus wallpaper alone is worthy of a Wallpaper Diaries entry, but paired with large scale art, Stark’s antelope carpet, and an eggplant Christopher Spitzmiller lamp, my eye finds something new to delight upon every time I look at the photo.

In Decorating The Way I See It Markham Roberts writes: “To me, there is nothing sadder than a big, beautiful room that is rarely, if ever, used…A game table, for instance is a great way to give a room an extra purpose.” You can see how he’s employed this tactic in the third photo with that fantastic floral Parsons table off to the right.

These days, with everyone inevitably centering their floor plans around a massive flat screen TV, I think there’s something incredibly charming, and perhaps a little nostalgic, about a room whose purpose is more about engaging than disengaging.

So, who’s game to learn backgammon with me?



LIndsay Speace Interior Design | Office

Bolts of fabric, pillows, a rug, and antique lamps I couldn’t leave behind are slowly but surely taking over my “office” (a niche I carved out in our bedroom, for now) but when the clutter is this colorful and happy, I don’t mind one bit.

I suppose if you needed further evidence from Monday’s post that I’m back to my old color and pattern splashed ways this would suffice. In any event, this little corner is a much welcome respite from today’s gray skies.

Where is Spring?!


Jessica Buckley | Apartment Therapy

Jessica Buckley | Apartment Therapy

Jessica Buckley | Apartment Therapy

Jessica Buckley | Apartment Therapy

I think I was going through some weird experimental phase with minimalism this winter. I found myself shying away from the colors and patterns I’ve always loved and questioning whether or not my choices were “sophisticated” enough. Well, don’t worry, that existential crisis is over and I’m back to bright.

A lovely reader (thanks Holly!) sent this Apartment Therapy home tour of Jessica Buckley’s Edinburgh flat my way and I think it’s a perfect example of how you can have fun with color and pattern and still create a sophisticated space–it’s not a double bind!

The blueberry grasscloth wallpaper is undeniably amazing, but if I were to play favorites it’s a tie between the adorable breakfast nook or her canopied bed. I’ll always be a cheerleader for a classic ticking stripe, and the combination of that gorgeous Manuel Canovas Roman shade, the pink walls, and Chippendale chairs just makes me giddy.

Canopying a bed is high on my list of future house goals, but I already can’t imagine the agony I’ll put myself through deciding on fabrics. Designer draama. Jessica, on the other hand, killed it with her choices!

I’m convinced that starting the week off on a colorful note is going to make this a good one. I have an installation on the calender at the end of the week that I’m basically jumping out of my skin to see come together.
And as for my PSA about color: #beigeisboring #decoratecolorfully


Jcrew | Paris

Jcrew | Paris

Jcrew | Paris

Jcrew | Paris

Jcrew | ParisWe greeted the first day of Spring with snow here in DC–slush is probably a more accurate description–a bit of a cruel joke, but cherry blossom season is right around the corner so I’m looking forward to brighter days ahead.

Have you seen J.Crew’s newest store in Paris? Before the launch, J.Crew hosted a preview party in this beautiful apartment which perfectly captures the fresh, clean vibe I associate with Spring.

The fireplace in the Hausmann style building is what dreams are made of. Someday I hope to install a similar marble beauty in my fantasy home. Did you catch the emerald and orchid color palette? You know how I feel about that color combination!

Of course J.Crew nailed all the details… a simple arrangement of blush ranunculus, my favorite Diptyque candle burning, and custom J’ai Crew matchbooks. So clever.

While we’re on the topic, I told myself in January I’d swear off the J.Crack but of course they’re killing it with their new arrivals. I mean this, these, and this?! I’m putty in your hands J.Crew.

Have a great weekend and happy Spring!