It’s week two of the One Room Challenge and if you’re just joining for the first time today start here to get up to speed on the ORC and see the space I’ll be transforming over the next five weeks (eek!)

I’m working on a client’s space this time around, and I thought I’d walk you through my design process over the next five weeks in case you might be curious about what working with a designer is like (although of course each designer approaches things a little bit differently!) or maybe you aren’t sure where to start when tackling a project of your own–hopefully this will be helpful!

I like to think of design projects in three phases: Discovery, Design, and Execution. The Discovery phase is all about getting to know the client, the space, and determining the scope of work, budget, and project goals. My ultimate goal is to bring out the personality of my clients in my projects so I love this part of the process and really want to gain insight into their personal style, interests/hobbies, and how they live.

One of the first inspiration images I pulled for the project. Love those nailheads!

When I met with my clients to chat about their bedroom we talked about the atmosphere they wanted to achieve (which we’ll talk about more next week when I share the design schemes I presented) and last week I discussed the scope of work and took inventory of what will be staying and what needs to be purchased.

An inspiration photo my client shared with me.

With all of this information in hand we enter into phase two: Design. As tempting as it is to dive into the fun stuff like fabrics–which is absolutely my favorite part–the floor plan really is the foundation of the room and enables you to maximize space, functionality, and will inform most of your purchasing decisions.

So, let’s chat about the master bedroom’s floor plan. If you remember back to last week’s post this is the view looking into the room….

One Room Challenge Before | The Pursuit of Style

And here’s the new floor plan…

One Room Challenge | Bedroom Floor Plan | Lindsay Speace Interior DesignWith just one small closet in the room storage is definitely a priority. The existing closet system and dresser work well for my clients and for budget considerations it made sense to work with them rather than replace.

Because they are large pieces, our floor plan options were somewhat limited. Initially I did consider replacing the dresser with a second closet system, however, because of the soffit containing the HVAC it would create an awkward unusable corner and block the register.

The biggest opportunity I saw was to replace my clients two small existing dressers with one larger eight drawer dresser which though an investment, will transition with them when they eventually move into a larger home. The elevation below shows how this new piece will be positioned on the wall across from the bed.

One Room Challenge | Bedroom Elevation | Lindsay Speace Interior DesignA large abstract print will be easy on the eyes to wake up to in the morning and the surface area gained from the larger piece enabled us to add two petite table lamps helping solve our lighting issue. Consolidating the storage pieces also opened up floor space for a mirror (inspiration below!) to be leaned against the wall in between the closet and entry to the room.

This brass floor mirror might be a DIY!

Other changes: an 8′ x 10′ rug is a more appropriate size for the room but still showcases the original parquet floors my clients love, and larger nightstands will be in scale with the new custom headboard we’re having fabricated and balance out the adjacent larger pieces.

So that’s where we’re at here in week two! This was a long one so if you’ve made it through you’re a saint! Next week we’re diving into my favorite part and I’ll be sharing the three design schemes I presented.

As always, follow along on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for more behind the scenes peeks in weeks to come!


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  1. i love that you are working around the function of the room first! your inspiration pictures are so lovely…and i am excited to see that brass mirror diy!

  2. I can see you have given this floor plan a lot of thought! Using the existing pieces is smart as they are so needed for storage. Can’t wait to see all the pretty that will go in the room:)

  3. As silly as it sounds, I love that you are being practical, working with the pieces that work for them and just investing in pieces that will transition with them when they move.

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