Matchbook Diaries Instagram
Matchbook Diaries Instagram
Matchbook Diaries InstagramInstagram is without a doubt my social media platform of choice these days. It’s instant visual gratification and I have to admit the ease of snap, filter, and post has become much more appealing than the hour(s) of research, photo editing/graphic creation, and writing that blogging can take. There also seems to be more engagement over on Insta–something I really miss from the early days of blogging.

I’m always finding new accounts to follow and thought I’d start sharing some of my favorites.  Last night I stumbled upon Matchbook Diaries, an account devoted to photos of–you guessed it–matchbooks. I’m incapable of leaving any sort of branded ephemera behind and as a result have become an accidental matchbook collector.

Naturally I completely nerded out when I discovered Matchbook Diaries and quickly found myself scrolling down the rabbit hole to see which matchbooks I already had in my collection and finding new spots to visit. Currently my matchbooks are in a big bowl on our coffee table, but seeing them lined up like this got my wheels spinning–wouldn’t they be amazing framed?

I’m not sure I could part with mine in such a permanent way, so perhaps this Danielle Kroll print I’ve had my eye on would be a better alternative!

Any other matchbook collectors out there?


  1. Wait, I am obsessed with this concept. What a wonderful find. I love matchbooks and have little haphazard collections scattered in bowls throughout the house. It is one of my favorite pieces of branding material!
    Don’t you just love it when the black hole of getting lost in Pinterest leads to a wonderful find!
    xo Nan

  2. I grew up in the 60’s when everyone smoked. Whenever my parents went out to dinner, my mom would bring home a matchbook with the name of the restaurant on it. I started collecting them. I had quite the collection! Then I discovered boys & lost interest in matchbooks.
    Thanks for bringing back that memory.

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