The Pursuit of Style | Festive Finds Under $150

Earrings | Top | Purse | Lipgloss | Heels

I’m the queen of procrastination when it comes to preparing for parties–holiday parties, weddings, you name it–I guarantee you the week before I’ll be scrambling to pull an outfit together, pick up a hostess gift, or buy something off the registry.

It’s one of my least favorite qualities and something I’m trying to work on because I hate feeling unprepared (and spending exorbitant amounts on overnight shipping–which I do more often than I care to admit…dumb).

This year I’m getting ahead of the game and have been taking note of festive finds as I’ve come across them in an effort to put a stop to my pre-party crazy. Notable finds include this top my friend Jessie clued me in to which is super cute IRL. Pair it with black cigarette pants, a statement necklace, and bold lip.

When I run out of time and my closet is the only option, one of my tried and true tricks is dressing up an old standby with new accessories. These heels are very Aquazzura-esque (I like to imagine them as the affordable love child of these and these, can you see it?) and versatile enough to take you through a myriad of events this season. The biggest baubles you can handle–these fit the bill–will distract from your basic LBD.

Last on my prep list, a gold purse. I daydream about this one, which I know would pay for itself in cost/wear over the next ten years, but sadly that rationale doesn’t jive with saving for a down payment. Whomp whomp. This one is a good compromise.

Hopefully if you share my penchant for procrastination this holiday hit list has got you covered!

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