New Years 2016

Nightshirt | Cookbook | Water Bottle | Planner

Despite my best intentions the gift guides I had planned on sharing just didn’t get past my secret Pinterest boards this year. This is probably for the best because the internet might have exploded if ‘publish’ had been hit on one more gift guide in 2015.

Lest those secret Pinterest boards die in vain, there were a few gems worth revisiting that I realized were all too perfect for the resolution writing season. My personal favorite for the reluctant resolutioner (or pun enthusiast which I unabashedly am!): this shop. So many funnies – can they make this one for men?

If health goals are on your list this year, the I Hate Kale Cookbook sounds like a winner. I’m gearing up for another Whole 30 and plan to pick up a copy. Drinking more water is also perpetually on my list of goals, and after losing my BKR at the pool this summer it’s time for a replacement.

Not so fun fact: if there are multiple color options available of anything I will inevitably spend 20 minutes trying to decide on the perfect one. I’m thinking Mer looks hydrating. Lastly, there’s nothing as satisfying to me as a brand new planner. I might be a dinosaur, but I’ll always go with hard copy over digital.

 Are you writing resolutions for 2016?


Lindsay Speace Interior Design | Holiday Cards

Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all these years weeks you’d like to meet… Okay, enough Adele (but can there ever be enough Adele? Evidently not.)
Happy holiday week!

Can you believe Christmas is just four days away? I’m in disbelief. Thankfully my last year self remembered that I feel this way every year and set a calendar alert for Halloween reminding me to start thinking about gifts.

Smartest thing I’ve ever done. Instead of coming up with a cute idea December 1st and having zero time to execute, I was able to order some fun custom pieces like the matchbooks I sent with my favorite candle as a little thank you to clients this year.

Safe travels this week and if you’re battling crowds at the mall for those last minute gifts may the force be with you! 😉


Let’s finish the week strong with some serious, undeniably envy inducing #housegoals. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve clicked through the Vogue slideshow of Caroline Sieber and Fritz von Westenholz’s London home. I’ll also cop to buying not one, but two hard copies for posterity.

Caroline Sieber | Vogue

Where to begin – obviously with the custom colored Zuber wallpaper in the living room. I actually saw a photo of this room years ago floating around Pinterest and tracked it down to Caroline Sieber’s Insta (so worth following) so to say I was excited to see the entire home would be a massive understatement.

Caroline Sieber | Vogue

I laughed out loud on my first scroll through of the feature when I saw this photo because it is exactly the beaming with contentment face I’d be making in this room.

The fab feathered skirt is just the icing on the cake, but come on, would you expect anything less from the stylist responsible for taking Emma Watson from Hermione to ingenue?

Caroline Sieber | Vogue

Other areas of note: the library-cum-dining room with its lacquered blue shelves and the most perfect use of Braquenié’s tree of life fabric as a Roman shade that I can promise you I will “borrow” at some point in the future.

Caroline Sieber | Vogue

And Caroline’s dressing room – I’m dying to know what shade of pink that is and also loving the Madeline Castaing fabric (one of my design idols!) on the shade.

Caroline Sieber | Vogue

The kitchen which opens out into the garden is straight out of a Nancy Meyer’s set. The floor to ceiling cabinetry–“stocked with porcelain by Herend” Vogue notes 😉 –coolie shade pendants (perhaps another nod to Castaing who loved a coolie shade), and rush seat chairs (these are kind of similar, but the lines are not quite as graceful) at the breakfast table are personal favorites.

Caroline Sieber | Vogue

I have to admit, at first I thought I hated the master bath, which is modeled after the Duke of Windsor’s in Paris, but strangely it’s growing on me. You have to admire someone who dares to be different, and Carrara and subway tile this is not!

I’ll end on a quote from Caroline that resonated with me: “I had a very strong idea of what I wanted, and I wasn’t that worried about making mistakes, because this is for us, you know? So we went for crazy colors and lots of patterns.”

In decorating, ‘you do you’ is kind of the ultimate motto.


The Pursuit of Style | Hello, December

 Velvet Ribbon | Eucalyptus Wreath | Buffalo Plaid Clutch | Feathered Dress | EarringsMatchesMiles Redd Gift Wrap

And just like that it’s December! Did you wrap up your holiday shopping during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales? I was so overwhelmed by it all that I only managed to buy client gifts. Whoops.

It seems like every year OKL does a gift wrap collaboration with Gracie (manufacturer of the wallpaper of my dreams) and every year I miss it. It would have been perfect for my client gifts, but this Miles Redd designed paper is a close second! I picked up this pretty velvet ribbon to top things off.

Our new neighbors are making me realize I need to up my wreath game, and I’ve got my eye on classic magnolia, boxwood, and eucalyptus options. Wreath connoisseurs, is there any reason to consider one of these types over the others aside from aesthetic preference?

The holiday party circuit is in full swing and I’m clearly feeling a red, black, and gold palette. This feathered dress is SO fun. I changed into a feathered dress during our wedding reception and had the best time dancing in it. Pair it with this buffalo plaid clutch. I think lumberjack chic needs to be a thing because I’m craving everything plaid.

Happy December!