Lindsay Speace Interior Design | Custom Open

For the past ten months or so I’ve been working with a wonderful young family on the renovation of a historic row home in Georgetown. The home has a unique layout that many buyers would have been put off by–a kitchen on the lower level–but thankfully my clients saw its potential and we’ve renovated to make the space more functional for modern living, while still honoring the integrity of the home.

We’re in the final stages of construction, and as pieces are coming in I’m getting more and more excited for installation. The before & after photos will be a complete 180! Check out these gorgeous open shelves we had made–blackened steel frames with walnut shelves. That wood grain, right?!

Since it’s a small space, I suggested forgoing upper cabinets in favor of open shelves to keep things light and airy. The lower cabinets are black shaker style cabinets with un-lacquered brass bin pulls which will patina over time. Faux-wood porcelain tile laid in a herringbone pattern on the floor will give us the look of wood without the concern of moisture that the basement level presented.

I’m headed up to DC tomorrow for a few presentations and meetings and can’t wait to check in on this project. It’s always so rewarding watching the pieces come together!


Claire Cowie

Claire Cowie

Antik Batik Clutch

Antik Batik Clutch

Multitone Rug | DWR

Multitone Rug

I’m feeling far from bright eyed this morning thanks to my dear husband who has a habit of setting an alarm for 5:00am (at full volume, naturally) and then setting and re-setting subsequent alarms until 7:00am. Note to self: feel more Valentines-y thoughts and less rage-y sleep deprived ones towards husband before the weekend. 😉

In an effort to change my ‘tude, here are a few things I’ve discovered lately that I find cheerfulness inducing. Claire Cowie’s Kubota Garden No.1 is making me dream of all sorts of tropical getaways. Perhaps Garrett could redeem himself with an impromptu weekend in Tulum? Never hurts to put it out there into the universe, right?!

Speaking of that getaway, I obviously would pack this clutch. It basically begs for there to be a fruity concoction in your other hand and I’m 100% on board with that. I’m also feeling super inspired by the color palette – maybe a future living room palette?  I’ll do some scheming.

Lastly, this rug. At first I wanted to hate it, but now I’m kind of thinking it could be everything in the right setting. Thoughts from the peanut gallery?


Lindsay Speace Interior Design | Powder Bath

Last week I shared a feminine and sweet progress peek, so let’s swing back to the other end of the spectrum with a bachelor pad update. If you’ve been reading for a while you might remember the bachelor pad as one of my very first projects.

In phase one renovated the first floor living space (you can read more about that project and see the before & afters in this Domaine feature if you’re interested) and now we’re moving into phase two which includes renovations of the powder bath and kitchen which will be completed in time for my client’s birthday this summer. Last we’ll tackle the downstairs bedrooms, office, and bathrooms.

In keeping with the modern masculine vibe of the rest of the home I selected a white marble with black marble mosaic in a herringbone pattern for the floor tile. It’s a narrow space that was thankfully just wide enough for a polished chrome washstand base with a carrarra marble top that we’ll top with a simple hexagonal mirror and a double sconce with white shades with black piping.

The last choice I need to make is paint color. We had all the interior doors painted Benjamin Moore Onyx last time around and I’m debating whether to stick with my black and white palette with white on the walls, or perhaps do a pale gray like Horizon or Oystershell.


Lindsay Speace Interior Design | Nursery

Lindsay Speace Interior Design | Wallpaper

If becoming an absentee blogger is a slippery slope I’ve been on the slip ‘n slide! Rather than holding myself to unrealistic expectations, this year I’m cutting myself some slack and posting only when inspiration strikes. We’re all spending our time on Instagram these days anyway, right? 😉

I have so many projects I’m excited about in the works right now (thanks for the warm welcome Raleigh!) but I thought I’d share a peek at this sweet nursery that is almost ready for my soon-to-be youngest client’s debut at the end of February.

The wallpaper went up on the ceiling last week (complete with insane papered vents care of my talented installer!), a scalloped shade is being custom lacquered and gilded as I type, and pink buffalo plaid cornice boards with pom pom trim are next to be checked off the list.

As excited as I am to see this project come to life, I’m even more excited for my wonderful clients who will be welcoming their little girl home to this room. I hope she loves staring up at those beautiful birds!