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Oh hi. Popping back in from the depths of blogging obscurity. Life has been particularly crazy this past month, but more on that later. For now, let’s ease back into the swing of things by reveling in all the whimsical glory of my new Mario Lopez Torres giraffe lamp found at a favorite new Raleigh haunt: Urbage.

The jury’s still out on whether it’s normal to buy pieces for the future nursery of your yet to be conceived children, but I’ve come to realize there’s no greater regret than a one-of-a-kind piece left behind, so until he’s needed elsewhere this guy will be dressing up my desk. Smiles all day long guaranteed.

Other items of note: the custom storage ottomans just back from the workroom in a vibrant Guatemalan striped woven. There is a serious lack of attractive storage furniture out there and pieces like these are so versatile!

I’m considering having a few more made in my favorite fabrics, any interest? We’re all about form and function over here.

3 thoughts on “BITS & PIECES

  1. That lamp is such a great find / purchase! I’m working on our first nursery right now, and trust me, you will not regret hoarding that until you need it. (And it helps that it makes a very fun home office piece as well.) I’m so glad you’re still posting–looking forward to seeing what else you’ve got in the works.

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