Betsy Burnham White House Rendering | 1st Dibs

David Netto White House Rendering | 1st Dibs

Alexandra Loew White House Rendering | 1st Dibs

Robert Couturier White House Rendering | 1st Dibs

The best thing about the timing of our move from DC last Fall is that we were able to make an Irish exit from much of the craziness of this campaign cycle. Going out and enjoying dinner without running political commentary from Capitol Hill interns in the background has me truly feeling #blessed.

Regardless of your geographic location, I’d venture to guess at this point in the election cycle you’re also feeling a little bit like this. So let’s talk about something politically inspired, but more enjoyable than talking points: the design of the next administration’s White House.

1st Dibs asked 5 designers to create design concepts for both a Clinton and Trump White House–arguably the most high profile project of any designer’s career–and what a dream to have the best art and antiques at your disposal! The feature is both entertaining and an instructive look at how designers imbue their clients’ personality into a space.

 The West Sitting Hall design for a Clinton administration by Betsy Burnham is by far my favorite. Her fresh take on American style is polished but unpretentious, a quality I very much admire.

So here’s the question: who would you hire if you had the opportunity to re-do the White House? I know I’m still fan girling over his new book, but I’m certain Mark D. Sikes would do an impeccable White House. I’d also love to see what Miles Redd would cook up.