A few weeks ago Moda Operandi (my favorite site to visit when I’m feeling fast and loose with my budget) had a fabulous Tory Burch Pre-Fall 2017 trunkshow. Unfortunately (because I’m a bad blogger and this post has been sitting in my drafts), the trunkshow has since ended, but I still think it’s worth sharing because I find it extra inspiring.

Italian furniture designer, Gabriella Crespi, was reportedly the muse for the collection, but I can’t help but be reminded of Carolina Irving’s Manhattan apartment. Going down the design rabbit hole even further, the flower on the dress and kaftan in the first and third photos is a dead ringer for Schumacher’s Ottoman Flower wallpaper.

Though the collection is intended for Fall of next year, the jewel tones and metallics feel especially festive and relevant this holiday season. Wouldn’t you agree?


De Gournay shared this beautiful vignette on Instagram last week and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind ever since. Their stunning hand painted papers truly are works of art and these custom lamp shades are next level genius.

I need to do some more investigating as to how I can make these a reality in my life. Until we are in our forever home, lamp shades are surely more advisable than including “wallpaper will not convey” in a real estate contract…


Nicholas Haslam

Nicholas Haslam

Nicholas Haslam

And just like that, it’s December. I hope you all had a lovley Thanksgiving. It made me so happy to read via your comments that you’re still coming back to blogs for the conversation. I’ve been missing it too.

So let me share a deep, dark design secret I’ve been harboring… I’m afraid blue and white’s becoming trendy. Perhaps trendy isn’t the word, because there really isn’t a more classic color combination, but it’s undeniably been having a moment and I’ve found myself hitting pause.

Until, of course, I stumbled across this timeless Nicholas Haslam bedroom which has completely charmed me. Perhaps it’s the particularly lovely shade of Prussian blue, or maybe it’s those cornice boards–which I may need to shamlessly copy in my own bedroom–but of the moment or not, I’m resoundingly back on team blue and white.

My ginger jar collection is relieved.