Last year I rounded up a list of the products and apps that made my life better in 2015. I got some great feedback from that post so I thought I’d do the same for my 2016 favorites.

Below are 10 of the products and apps that have been game changers for me over the past year.


Vintner’s Daughter: I’m a huge skeptic. Perhaps it’s our #sponsored, c/o culture, but the more glowing press a product receives, the more I find myself questioning whether the hype might be attributed to a healthy marketing budget rather than actual results. After reading review after review of Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum I finally bit the bullet and ordered a bottle in July. I’ll shoot straight with you, it’s expensive, but it’s my holy grail product and one I could get downright evangelical about. I notice calmer, more hydrated, glow-ier skin immediately after applying. I made the mistake of experimenting with a more budget friendly serum after going through my first bottle and my skin absolutely rebelled! Never again. I recognize Vintner’s may be cost prohibitive, so I still stand by my 2015 pick as an alternative.

NeuLash: Another product that seemed too good to be true but is actually legit. Swipe this serum along your lash line before bed each night and you’ll soon have thicker, longer lashes. For my fellow light eyed ladies, no terrifying eye color changing side effects! Now I just need to find a better mascara (and under-eye cream–hello 30!) Please send any and all recommendations. My dark circles thank you.

Eberjey Pajamas: For awhile this year I was seriously struggling with insomnia. I can’t claim that these PJs helped me catch more z’s, but I have come to learn the importance of establishing a nighttime routine to help you wind down. Part of mine is slipping into a pair of PJs. I feel so much more “together” in a pair of PJs as opposed to an old pair of yoga pants. It’s the little things, right? These are without question the softest and most luxurious feeling in my rotation. Bonus points for not having to iron them!

Natori Feather Bras: It seems a touch personal to be sharing lingerie recommendations but let’s just consider this a bonding moment. These are the comfiest for every day wear.


Boomerang: If you use Gmail, this plug-in is a godsend. It allows you to schedule emails to be sent at a later date and set reminders to follow up if you haven’t heard a response. I primarily use Boomerang for its scheduling function. I often draft emails Sunday night or in the evening during the work week–times when it wouldn’t be appropriate to actually hit send–and schedule them to be sent first thing the next day. It’s such a great feeling to to to bed knowing that something is already checked off your list for the week or day ahead.

Harvest: Accurate time tracking is so important in my line of work. A colleague introduced me to Harvest and it’s been such a game changer. Between the desktop platform and iPhone app I’m able to efficiently and accurately track my time for both client projects and administrative tasks. This year I’m hoping to dive deeper into the reporting functions. Knowing exactly how you’re spending your time is so valuable!

MileBug: If you need to track your mileage for your job this is another app that has been a life saver. Set up and save frequent trips (i.e Office->Design Center) and at the end of the year easily export all the data into an Excel spreadsheet your accountant will thank you for.


Scott’s Cheap Flights: Guys, I have told everyone I know about this email newsletter which sends daily alerts on flight deals. If you have the travel bug it’s downright dangerous! We’re headed to Paris at the end of the month thanks to an insane deal that came through this Summer. Most of the flights are from major cities (i.e DCA or Dulles rather than RDU) but the savings are worth the extra flight or drive you might need to make.

Mophie Powerstation: I think Garrett actually bought this in advance of our 2015 Africa trip, so technically it should have been on last year’s list, but we’ve continued to get so much use out of the Mophie. Instagram with abandon and never be a slave to a power outlet again!

Cuyana Travel Case Set: I always have what we jokingly refer to as an “Armageddon bag” in my purse. It’s got a little bit of everything in it from Tide to Go to a tape measure. I recently upgraded to this chic travel case set–the small one is my new Armageddon bag and the larger one will be for makeup or toiletries. I love the gold foil monogram and was so impressed with the quality of leather.

So there you have it, my 2016 game changers. I hope you found something among them that will be useful to you as well.

Check out last year’s list here and I’d love to hear about your game changers in the comments!

7 thoughts on “2016 GAME CHANGERS

  1. Love these reco’s. I’ve been a huge fan of Hopper (saved $300 recently for HI tickets) and for the life of me couldn’t remember who to thank for passing along the tip. So thank you! :-). Looking forward to trying several of this year’s as well.

  2. I love your tips! I’m a former Raleigh gal, so I hope you’re loving it 🙂 I miss it. I have two for this year to suggest for you–I love arbonne’s re9 eye cream. The ingredients are clean and it brightens my under eye circles and it minimizes any sort of lines, too. I had a baby last December, so it’s been a Godsend and it works. I also love the arbonne concealer and highlighter b/c it helps my skin look really bright! My second tip–(shameless plug b/c I work for them!) Wecora.com …It’s great for design ideation and client communication. It’s a really cool tool so all your design work can be in one place, along with the budget and any item or product. It saves a ton of time for projects! I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have-just shoot me an email! 🙂 Happy New Year!

    • We’re loving Raleigh so much! I hope you’re able to come back to visit – I can’t believe how much growth we’ve seen in just one short year of being here. Thank you SO much for the Arbonne recs. An under eye cream with a new mom’s (congrats!) seal of approval is one I’ll 100% check out. Appreciate the Wecora tip as well! xx

  3. I have been LOVING the Prevage eye cream from Elizabeth Arden. I got it as a sample (not in a bloggy/sponsored way, just a sample) and thought I’d give it a go. I highly recommend and would definitely re-purchase at the $100 price tag.

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