Are you familiar with Amanda Moffat Pottery? I recently stumbled upon her work via Sue Fisher King (a gorgeous site to peruse for all things home, by the way) and haven’t been able to stop thinking about her pieces since.

Naturally, after discovering her work, I embarked upon the requisite social media deep dive to discover everything I could about the talented potter.

What I discovered is that in addition to her skill at the potter’s wheel, Amanda also has unfailingly excellent taste in interiors.

Her Brooklyn Heights townhouse, featured in Elle Decor, could easily be confused for an English home with its saturated color palette, collection of textiles, and heirloom pieces.

The same old world elegance is reflected in her pottery which Amanda describes as: “inspired by classic fabric patterns and Piranesi etchings and all things beautifully made, from shoes to bridges.”

I couldn’t love the sentiment or her pieces more. Incidentally, I signed up for a seven week pottery course which begins in the New Year and am so looking forward to a new creative outlet.

I’ll be keeping up with Amanda on Instagram for even more inspiration!

Shop pieces from her indigo collection here or at select retailers in NY and CA.


  1. Do you mind sharing where you found a pottery class? I’ve contemplated the NC State courses, but wasn’t sure if they were the best around!


    • Of course! The one I found is out in Durham at Claymakers. Truthfully, I didn’t do a ton of research, just signed up on a whim, but their offerings looked good!

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